Effective Parenting Means in Nurturing the Development in Teenagers

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For many parents, teenagers can be hard to supervise, especially when they have raging hormones. As your child matures, there are bound to be various changes to their physique, the way they dress, and how they handle their emotions. Although for a moment they can be “mature,” they still have a lot to learn. Teenagers’ needs are ever-changing, and it’s only appropriate to keep tabs on their development and behavior.

What factors will parents have to keep in mind as their son or daughter matures? Should you be worried about how they’re growing? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

What Should Parents Expect?

Right before transitioning from being an adolescent to a fully-independent (or almost independent) young adult, parents should expect their child to go through drastic changes. These physical and mental changes will be critical determining factors to their health and mental well-being when they’re older.

That said, here are some milestones in your son or daughter’s adolescence.

Giving a Teenager an Environment to Grow

The early stages of adolescence can be some of the most tumultuous times for teenagers. It’s only natural that teenagers will feel socially and emotionally “lost.” Hormonal imbalance can often lead to intense, impulsive feelings known for causing emotional ups and downs. In terms of their social identity, they’ll be looking for their “calling” in life.

That said, they might go through a variety of different phases without going through their thoughts. While searching for their identity, these teenagers may decide to get piercings, color their hair, or wear unique clothing. In some instances, they might join new cliques of friends.

While some parents might be anxious about these drastic changes, it’s essential to take a step back first before policing them on their decision. Being too “strict” with what they should and shouldn’t do can often cause unresolved emotional problems later on in their life.

According to some experts, it’s essential to let your child do relatively harmless activities that they want to do, like painting their nails black. If there is something that might be causing harm to their overall physical and mental health, such as substance abuse and smoking, then you’ll need to step in.

Expectations on Education and COVID-19

education during the pandemic

Education will always be an essential part of a teenager’s future and a part of their growing process. For a child to have a better lot, they’ll need to learn critical skills and learnings to get them through college and industry-specific work.

In the past few months, the public health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused various concerns from both parents in teenagers, especially when it comes to education. Most teenagers in junior and senior high school will have much of their education hindered by changes in policies from educational institutions.

But even though they might not be able to go to school due to the pandemic, there are still different ways of continuing their education, such as online classes. Parents are strongly recommended not to put off with their child’s education and enroll them in online classes as soon as possible. Fortunately, teenagers can submit their application requirements for an online senior high school without worrying about transmissions. Not only will this keep them safe and secure, but they’ll also be able to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Physical Changes and Health Risks

Lastly, we’ll need to address one of the biggest problems related to teenage development: health risks. As most teenagers crave independence, it’s not surprising that they’ll do the complete opposite of what you want them to do. If you’re going to police their movement, chances are, they’ll go out with their friends without notifying you. Although it’s alright for them to go with their group of friends, this can cause problems in terms of their safety.

In some situations, health risks can come in the form of smoking and alcohol. If this is the case, it’s time to start sitting them down while having a frank discussion with them.

For many individuals, the teenage years are quite synonymous with uncertainty and can be one of the most tumultuous years in a person’s life. Parents shouldn’t be too strict or supervise their son or daughter too much. They’re already at an age where they are craving independence and looking for different ways to grow. You should give them the space to develop their skills. Still, you’ll have to be cautious about what they’re doing since most teenagers could be experimenting with activities that might be potential health risks.

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