Whether it is for a whole class of students, a small group or an individual child who needs assistance in writing, writing prompts for elementary students are an essential tool for teachers and parents alike. While there are some people who view these writing prompts merely as a tool to keep kids busy, they actually help children become better writers.

There are various fun, engaging and creative writing prompts students can use to improve their writing. These writing exercises not only aid in creating a stable foundation for the students’ writing process. They also help teachers and parents measure the children’s progress.

Writing Prompts Relieve Learning Pressure

Not all kids enjoy writing. In some cases, it creates unnecessary learning pressure and stress for elementary students. They sometimes struggle with the need to write following a formal, traditional, step-by-step approach. Some kids get confused thinking about all that comes with composing an outline, writing, editing, revising and writing the final draft.

Creating a draft, remembering the steps they need to make to come up with the perfect, final copy of their writing can be an overwhelming experience for a child. This is especially true for kids who are still struggling with their handwriting and spelling. Kids always want to impress, so they do stress out because they want to perfect their work. Most of the time, they end up losing their momentum or freezing instead of writing something that they think might be wrong.

Writing prompts relieve this kind of pressure. Elementary kids using this tool enjoy responding to these prompts without stressing over rules like punctuation and subject and verb agreement. The informal environment will allow kids to explore their creativity and improve how they formulate their thoughts and express ideas.

Pressure-Free Kids Become Better Writers

Teacher looking at her students' writing

When it comes to teaching kids how to write, it is important to temporarily set aside formalities and stringent grammar rules. Adults can freely write their draft and edit it to follow the proper form and guide afterwards. But with kids, it can be intimidating to write and think about whether they are following the proper form, spelling and grammar.

With the use of writing prompts, children will be able to express themselves and write creatively without the pressure of strictly following the writing process. This will allow them to write better rough drafts, which is the basis of them learning to write well in the future.

Writing a great first draft is a skill that kids can develop as they learn to express themselves through writing. Regular practice will help them write down their thoughts better. They will also become more confident and creative in communicating what is on their minds.

Elementary is the best time to get kids into the habit of writing. Exercises and prompts will not only make kids busy but will also hone their writing abilities. These prompts will also help them think on their feet and respond to questions and stimuli much faster.

Moreover, as they read their work, they will feel good about what they have accomplished. Children will become more inclined to write more and enjoy writing as they grow.