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Entry Doormats: A Cost-Effective Way to Keep Interiors Clean

entry doormatsThe entrance to any building, office or home helps create a first impression to visitors, clients and guests, whether good or bad. No wonder that people use colorful doormats strategically placed at all entry points to make visitors feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

These small rugs or carpets are available in a variety of colors, designs, types and sizes, with some companies offering customization options. They do not cost much and it is a small investment towards your home improvement.

Doormats in entryways do not serve just an aesthetic purpose, but other practical and safety benefits too. Their other uses include:

• The primary purpose of these mats, or miniature carpets, is to keep home or office interiors clean and hygienic. This is because visitors wipe their shoes on them leaving behind dirt from the outside.
• Dust, debris, and other particles from their soles usually stick to these small carpets, preventing dirtying interiors. This makes cleaning up after guests easier.
• Some varieties of these rugs consist of materials that absorb water, useful for when there is rain or mud outside, which prevents people from slipping. Slippery floors are dangerous for everyone and particularly the elderly. Have absorbent rugs strategically placed at every entrance and a slightly larger one at the main entrance.
• Keeping the floor dry and dirt-free is very important from a parent’s point of view, if you have small children crawling on the floor.
• Doormats can also function as wipes, for example, when there is spillage or dirt.

With these rugs in your home, cleaning tasks after a party or a get-together will become easy. You may also feel like calling people over more often to have a good time. Rest assured that your guests would also be comfortable and enjoy visiting your clean and dry home.

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