Essential Time-management Advice for Business Moms

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Being a working mom is becoming more and more common these days as women are choosing to take on both roles. But with the endless responsibilities that come with running a business and parenting children, it can be easy to lose yourself in the chaos.

To be able to thrive in both areas, here are some time management strategies that can help you establish a balance between being a mom and being a businesswoman:

1. Understand that you don’t have to do it alone

In both your business and at home, you have to come to terms that you might not be able to do it all by yourself. Whether it’s getting SEO services for your marketing campaign or hiring a nanny once in a while, you must learn how to get help when it is needed.

You might think that since you’ve taken on both the roles of business owner and mother, you have to be able to handle both by yourself–but forget that. Keep in mind that if you fail to seek help when it is needed, the frustration and exhaustion will bleed into other aspects of your life and affect everybody else. So when you need assistance, whether it’s from your partner, employees, or friends, don’t be afraid to ask for it. When you have more hands on deck, you can free up more time for yourself and the priorities you have for the day.

2. Keep your work and home life separate

It can be challenging to establish a divide between your home and work lives if, well, you’re working from home. And if these responsibilities blend during the day, you might have too much to do and end up not doing enough.

Obtaining a good balance between your work and home lives is one of the best ways to maximize your time for both. To achieve that balance, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Establish realistic work hours
  • Avoid working overtime unless it is an emergency
  • Create a home office dedicated to business-related stuff only
  • Avoid doing work tasks and home tasks at the same time to maintain focus

Mother and child learning together3. Take advantage of nap times

If you have very young kids, take advantage of their nap times to do something productive or take a nap yourself. Kids can be disruptive and boisterous when they are awake, so if you have to call an important client or fold the mountain of laundry sitting on the couch, do it while they’re sleeping.

4. Learn how to say no

Your time is already limited as it is, don’t sacrifice any of it further by agreeing to everything you’re asked for. Instead of going to every PTA meeting, joining each bake sale, or entertaining every business call, reserve that time for more important things, like your kid’s soccer match or a much-awaited business seminar.

Being a mom should not be a hindrance to having a successful business. However, juggling both roles can be tricky unless you learn how to manage your time. To find a good balance between your business and your home life, try incorporating these strategies into your daily schedule today.

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