A tractor on a grass field

Farmers Rejoice! Fields Now Lit with Tractor LED Lights

Lighting technology has gone a long way since its early beginnings. Traditional incandescent lights brought about halogen before HID came along. Nowadays, LED lights have taken over. LED or light emitting diode technology has existed since the 1960s. Today, even modern farm machinery like tractor light kits has taken advantage of its various benefits.

Color Temperature

LED lighting generates natural light, which is remarkably similar to the color temperature of sunlight. Our eyes are used to sunlight, so LEDs will not strain your eyes when you use it, compared to other kinds of lighting. Think about it, less operator eyestrain and fatigue mean better productivity and more extended operating hours.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are extremely energy efficient. For your farm, this means that the alternator and batteries in your machine will have a longer lifespan. Moreover, you can add more lights and still avoid overloading the electrical system. As you are aware, this is particularly essential with your older machines.

In contrast to other lighting systems, LED still leads when it comes to efficiency. Incandescent and halogen lights utilize 90 to 95 percent of their present draw to produce light. LEDs incorporate only 80 percent of their current draw to provide light.

Longer Life

LEDs have a long lifespan as they have no ballast or bulbs to replace. Their life rating reaches 40,000 hours; they can serve as a lifetime with virtually no maintenance required. In contrast, halogen bulbs have a life rating of only 50 hours, while HID capsules last for around 2,500 hours.

Due to improvements in LED lighting technology, these have turned into a hot item for the agricultural industry. This is most beneficial for farmers who still prefer to use the older types of machinery.

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