Features of Blue Line Poly Pipe

The High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) also known as blue line poly pipe is built to be strong, durable, and extremely tough. If you are looking for flexibility and invulnerability to chemicals or thousands of other attributes, HDPE pipe will stumble upon your requirements.

Blue line poly pipes are used for carrying potable water, hazardous wastes, slurries, waste water, chemicals, and compressed gases. The blue line poly pipe has a remarkable history with oil, gas, mining, and other industries. The repair frequency is the lowest compared to all different pressure pipe materials usage for urban gas allocation.

Below are two of the main features of the blue line poly pipes:

Lower Cost of Life Cycle

Blue line poly pipe has a lower cost of life cycle compared to other industrial pipes. It is corrosion resistant and is not capable of rot, rust, or corrode. It is leak-proof. The heat-conjoined joints create a similar, monolithic system. Moreover, a conjoined joint is potent than the pipe. It also maintains the best flow rates. In addition, it will not tuberculate and also has excellent resistance to span or biological build-up.

It has outstanding water hammer characteristics and is designed to repel surge events. It also has high strain allowance. More or less, this eliminates imminent damage anticipated to freezing pipes. With less need for repairs, there would be fewer expenses.

With no infiltration, there will also be no water misplacement and groundwater nuisance treatment expenses, as compared with conventional piping systems.

Reduced Installation Expense

Blue line poly pipe is designed for trenchless technology, which is also used in directional boring, river crossings, slip lining, and pipe bursting. It is also very adjustable.

This has acceptable bending radius about 21 to 25 times exterior diameter of a pipe. This is lighter for handling and placing than with metallic and other materials.

High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) is a cost-effective choice for your industrial pipework needs. Not only does it offer hassle-free installation but also long-lasting solutions.

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