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Getting Through a Long Haul Flight

People have different opinions when it comes to long flights. Some love them; others hate them. But, no matter which side you’re on, there’s no denying that long trips are necessary. This is if you want to visit some far-flung destinations and see what the locals have to offer.

These include fun bars and restaurants, unique souvenir shops like those in Phoenix, AZ and other famous tourist spots. Thankfully, with the right amount of planning and preparation ahead of time, you can actually enjoy your long haul flight. Just be sure to arm yourself with the essentials that will help you get some sleep or pass the time.

Yes, the long-distance flight you need to reach your dream destination can be challenging. But you can turn that much-dreaded experience into something you can actually look forward to by following these hacks.

Power up

Keep all your must-have gadgets entirely powered up throughout your flight by making sure you have taken all your chargers with you. Some planes do not offer electrical outlets or slots for USB cables where you can charge your devices, so take some extra batteries and put them in your carry-on.

However, remember that not all airlines allow these, so check beforehand to avoid inconveniences. Also, organize all your chargers by bringing a portable carrying case with you so you won’t have to worry about the cords getting tangled.

Of course, make sure your devices are properly loaded up before boarding your flight. Store all the movies, television shows, games, e-books, music and even the airline’s app on your devices just in case the airline’s entertainment is streamed through their own app.

Wear comfy clothing pieces

woman waiting in the airportMost of the time, airplane temperature isn’t exactly comfortable for everyone on board. You may be freezing, but the person sitting next to you or a few rows away think it’s way too warm. You’ll never know how the temperature is going to be so best be prepared.

Wear the most comfortable clothes you have but also pack some pieces you can layer on just in case the temperature changes inside the plane. Don’t forget to pack some cozy pair of socks as well. But, remember not to walk into the bathroom in just your socks.

Be sure to put your shoes on first or at least the slippers provided by the airline.

Bring some anti-bacterial wipes

Planes aren’t exactly the cleanest places out there. So, to minimize your risks of catching anything during your flight and spreading those germs everywhere, take some anti-bacterial wipes with you.

Give your seat belts, seat back tray, arms rests and even the windows if you got a window seat some good wipes before getting comfy in your seat. If you know that the area around you is sanitized, you’ll be able to rest and relax a little bit more, and this can certainly help make your long flight an easier experience.

Finally, take this as an opportunity to watch some of the latest films you’ve always wanted to see. No need to be picky and try to stay out of your comfort zone when it comes to movie selections.

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