Halloween Activities

Halloween Activities Teens and Adults Will Love

Since we were kids, Halloween has always been the day and night where we dress up either as scary beings or our favorite characters. Of course, that’s still perfect even as teens or adults, but now that we’re adults, it’s time to pump up our Halloween game.   We can have the best time and feel like kids again with these fun and heart-racing activities that are perfect for the brave soul (and even for those who aren’t):

1. Go For a Hayride

If you haven’t tried this yet, then it’s time you should pluck up the courage and go. Haunted hayrides as a source of entertainment are always on the rise during Halloween. While the ride doesn’t have loops and sharp turns, you would be passing through deep and dark tunnels, and be greeted by frightening sights of the undead along the way. Expect some eyeballs popping out of their sockets, sunken cheekbones, and exposed insides.

2. Visit a Haunted House

A classic Halloween entertainment, haunted houses will never lose its appeal. With the rising popularity of many horror TV shows and movies, haunted houses must keep up, providing its guests will only the scariest, most gruesome, and harrowing sights. If you’re fainthearted, it might not be for you, but otherwise, go in and have fun screaming your heart out while clutching tight to your friends!

haunted house

3. Watch a Horror Movie

For the home buddy, nothing beats a cozy movie night. Gather your friends at your place, turn off all the lights, and share the thrill as you watch a really good horror movie together

4. Throw a Halloween Party

If jump scares aren’t your type of Halloween fun, the throwing a Halloween party maybe is. You can do it at your own place and be in charge of all the decor, food, and some activities! Consider these fun party ideas:

  • Decorate your house with the classic Halloween colors: orange, black and white. And of course, don’t forget the pumpkins.
  • Prepare your food in a playful and unique way. You can make oddly-shaped ice cubes, like a hand-shaped one, for example, and soak it in a red drink. Serve your shots in other Halloween colors like neon green, blood red, and blue.
  • Have all your guests dress up based on your party’s theme! You can even encourage them to wear DIY costumes so you can all test your creativity.
  • Your lighting will set the tone of the party. Try the green glow for a spooky feel.
  • Play fun games.

5. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

In a murder mystery game, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in an actual horror movie. If you’re the host, buy a murder mystery kit which has the story, characters, instructions, etc. Your guests have to dress up as the character they’re appointed as. Every character has their own background, which influences their costume. The game usually starts during the course of the dinner or before the party begins. It typically lasts for 2.5 hours, but you’re free to make it last as long as you wish.

To guarantee the success of your murder mystery dinner, your guests should be willing to participate. The better the acting, the more fun and realistic the game would feel. If you have some friends who might be shy, it would be helpful to invite other people that they’re completely at ease with, so they can be more confident during the night.

With these fun Halloween activities, your spooky night will certainly be one for the books. Make your Halloween night more fun every year by always looking out for your next adventure (the safe ones, of course) with your friends or family.

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