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Parenthood 101: Helping Your Child Process Pain

Stunned by the deadly spread of Covid-19, we were left reeling by the pain and devastation that it brought. We could barely comprehend that in a matter of a year, more than 4 million people died. We also had to deal with our financial misfortunes.

If we, adults, are having a hard time processing these facts, can you imagine the emotional anguish that our children are undergoing? We are trying our best to shield them from the pain. But we cannot protect them from the anxiety of the lockdown.

Unfortunately, we cannot take this pain away from them. But we can lessen its impact. Here are some ways to help them cope with the pandemic anxieties:


Yoga is a physical activity that incorporates breathing exercises. You can ask your children to join you for your daily yoga. It is an excellent way for them to channel their excess energy. It can also boost their concentration levels.

If you are afraid that yoga looks too complicated, do not fret! You and your little ones can start with easy poses. Considering that the Delta variant is still at large, this exercise regimen is a great way to incorporate physical activity back into their lives without having to step out of the house.

Grab your yoga mats as we enumerate the different yoga positions advisable for beginners and kids:

  • Mountain Pose – Let us start with the mountain pose because it is just standing. The difference is that you are standing with your back in a correct posture. Besides that, you are trying to focus on your breathing.
  • Tree Pose – Once you and your child have calmed down, you can proceed with this position. After spending several hours on the couch with your eyes glued to your device, this pose will help you with your posture. It also strengthens your calves and ankles.
  • Chair Pose – Your kids will get a kick out of this position as it is a fun version of the squat. It helps your digestive and circulatory systems. But you should skip this pose if you have insomnia.
  • Lion Pose – Kids always enjoy yoga poses with animal names. While you do this position, allow your children to roar. This position is best for a hyperactive child. Do not overdo this position.
  • Butterfly Pose – If you have a daughter, try this position. It will lessen menstrual cramps. It also regulates bowel movement.

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Course Shopping

If you have a middle schooler in your household, you should go online shopping. It is never too early to go course shopping. But remember that the goal of this exercise is to encourage your son. By the time that you end this, he should have a more positive outlook on life.

If you noticed that your son excelled in math, you might point him to a career in IT or robotics. Choosing the former will give him the ability to develop systems that will benefit humanity. He can help improve the ServiceNow government system.

Should he opt for a career in robotics, encourage him to join local robotics contests. He might make it to the World Robot Olympiad. The prestige of being in this competition will boost his chances of getting inside illustrious academic institutions. It will also help him in his career path.

Board Games

Experts warned us of the adverse effects of too much screen time. After spending an hour on online shopping, spend the rest of the day going offline. Doing this will help your child sleep easily at night. Take note that you should go offline too.

You can ask your son to help you in the kitchen. They will feel a great sense of accomplishment when they succeed in the task set out for them. As the food cooks, you can spend this time playing chess. This game will help your son’s critical thinking.

After dinner, the whole family can play scrabble. This board game is a fun way to improve your children’s vocabulary. Or perhaps, you can go for monopoly.

The pandemic shook the world to its very core. It showed us our mortality and vulnerability. There was too much grief and pain. We might be near the end of the tunnel. But it does not lessen the anxiety and suffering.

As a mother, it is your responsibility to help your son cope with this pain. You cannot shelter him from anguish. But you can help him process the pain and the suffering. He will carry these lessons with him to adulthood.

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