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High Quality Tooling Supplies: Types and Attributes of Mori Seiki Live Tools

Mori Seiki is a Japanese corporation, which focuses on the manufacture and production of machining centers, lathes, multi axis turning tables and grinders. While this global corporation was established in 1948, it made its presence felt in the United States only in 1983. This global giant brought with it the manufacture and sales of horizontal machines and machine centers in the US.

DMG mori seikiThis big corporation formed many alliances and collaborations with companies in Germany and other parts of Europe to manufacture different parts for their machinery. Among their most popular products are Mori Seiki live tools for DMG Mori Machines.

The Quality

• Designed and produced by engineers in Japan, their products have all benefits and features, which until now are still unmatched.

• The gears, seals, bearings and other machine parts produced bear the company’s mark.

• The products are well known for their stability, rigidity and highest accuracy.

• All the necessary peripheral products for their machining centers and lathes are consistent in both performance and quality.

• Quality products are possible, as protective labyrinth seals that help a high pressure construction are used. This makes sure that coolants and contaminants do not enter the main chamber.

The Types

• There are static, driven and live tool holders with an extensive selection for NL, NZL, SL, ZT, C ZT, and NZ.

• Modular style holders MTSK and Cap to Style holders are for ZL, Dl, SL, NT, NL and NZ.

• There are specialty products which include gear hobbers, worm gear generators, hobbers, and heavy duty gear cutters.

• There are adjustable angle and automatic steady rests available.

Broaching and slotting products for slotting, splines and ID Keyways are available.

• You can also get a whole range of custom made products. Even a product with exact right angle or a radial single side dual head product with just the right dimensions is possible.

Even by Japanese standard, this company is just too good. In fact, the desired product will go from design stage to production in just 6 to 8 weeks. They work directly with the manufacturing units and keep the customer in the loop all the way. They also provide great customer support.



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