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For Your Children: Building Great Spots for Your Kids at Home

As parents, we would like to give the best for our children. We want them to have an extraordinary life as they grow up, surrounded by beautiful friends and family members. However, one thing we tend to neglect as parents is giving our children space.

The typical size of the typical American home is around 2,500 feet. It’s considered to be the largest in the world. However, many children feel suffocated inside these vast homes, especially during the pandemic. They get bored with almost nothing to do, and you certainly don’t want them to have phones at such an early age.

If you want to deal with this growing problem, you’ll have to give them space. These spaces will encourage them to stay active during the pandemic and remove the boredom out of their heads.


Having a playground is your best option if you want your children to stay active and happy during the pandemic. Not many parents worldwide build a playground for their children, but if there is one home, you can certainly make one. It’s inside American homes.

A playground can be a prime destination for your children and their friends. It’s even more important if your community does not have a dedicated play center or park for children. Just make sure to disinfect your playground every day. The disinfection can also be turned into a fun activity for kids.

There are many ways you can build a playground for your home. The easiest way is to purchase a pre-fabricated playground. Some of these come in sets. They are easy to make, and your children can even participate in the building process.

Another option is to build a natural playground that has treehouses and tree swings. Although this is another simple method of creating a playground, it does require you to have a couple of trees around your home.

If you don’t think you have access to any of these methods, consider hiring a contractor instead. Playgrounds are a pretty cheap home extension that will undoubtedly get your children’s attention.

Swimming Pool

Next up on the list is a swimming pool. Swimming pools are great for the spring and summer. Children love spending time with water, and it can certainly be a fun and healthy exercise for them. Swimming can be a fun activity for them to learn. It’s staggering to know that one out of three children don’t know how to swim once they leave primary school. Every kid needs to know swimming because it’s one of those things that you can’t unlearn once you’ve grown up.

There are two types of swimming pools. The first is an above-ground swimming pool, and the other is a below-ground swimming pool. If you want a cheaper and easy-to-build option, then above-ground is for you. If you want a more expensive but adds value to your home, then below-ground is the option you should choose.

A swimming pool can make a difference in your children’s lives. So if you have a budget for it, make sure to build one.


Another great outdoor home extension for children is a pergola. Many homes near the river or any body of water tend to have a pergola. But any home can have one for their children. A pergola is an excellent place to hang out with your kids. You can also play board games and read books while being around nature. It’s a fun place for both children and parents alike if they want some extra space for themselves.

There are many ways you can build a pergola in your backyard. However, a pergola made out of oak is the best option out there. It’s resilient and adds decent value to your home. Furthermore, there are pre-fabricated kits you can purchase if you want to build it yourself. Consider creating a pergola for your family during this pandemic. Trust us. It will make a difference in your family’s lives.


Every home should have a garden. It’s a fun and educative place where children can learn all about plants and all the other greenery of the world. Gardening can be a fun experience for your children. They can let their imaginative mind loose while helping you out tend to your garden. Furthermore, it can teach them what it means to grow something. Not many children can experience such a thing, but having a garden can certainly make that difference.

Our children during this pandemic tend to get bored easily, and boredom can lead to extreme and dangerous activities. Stop that by having these great home extensions built outside your home.

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