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Home Renovation Guide for Young Moms: Taking Your House Exterior to the Next Level

Did you know that home improvement projects have surged during this pandemic? As families get stuck at home, they have thought about remodeling their houses to accommodate their comfort levels and lifestyle needs. As a mother, you have probably thought about doing the same thing. Of course, you want to make your home the best place to stay for your spouse and children.

For the most part, you may prioritize your house interior by undertaking a kitchen overhaul, bathroom remodeling, or even a full renovation project. But a far more important home project is focusing on your house exterior. Not only will this enhance your property’s curb appeal, but it will also increase your home value.

Here are six parts of your house exterior to renovate and transform in the midst of a pandemic:

1. Exterior Walls or Siding

When you talk about house exterior, what comes to mind? It immediately conjures images of your siding or exterior walls. During this pandemic, you’ve noticed that they look dull, dirty, and outdated. Even the paint has begun to peel or fade away in time.

It’s time to give your siding a fresh look. Either consider power-washing the exterior walls or have brand-new paint for your siding. While pressure-washing removes residues like dirt, dust, and grime, exterior painting gives your house a new color and vibrance. You call the shots!

2. Doors and Windows

Never estimate the aesthetics and functionality of your doors and windows. For one, they make your home’s façade by giving it character and personality. Two, they serve as entry points for sunlight, drafts, pollens, and other outdoor elements that affect your home’s comfort level.

As such, be sure to maintain or update your doors and windows. You can repair your doors’ locks and handles or replace them altogether with sturdy and modern ones. You can also have window tinting by installing solar, privacy, or decorative window films.

3. Roof and Gutters

Your roof plays a crucial part in maintaining your property’s structural integrity and protecting the whole household. The same is true for your gutters as they properly dispose of rainwater away from your home.

That said, be sure to inspect your roofing system. Make sure the shingles aren’t holed, displaced, or gone missing. Don’t forget other parts such as the flashing, fascia, eaves, soffits, and chimney. Either get them repaired or replace the roof completely if it’s already old.

As for your gutters, be sure to clean them if they’re clogged with leaves, twigs, bird’s nests, and other debris. If they aren’t in place, have them repaired.

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4. Driveway and Walkway

Never neglect your outdoor pavements such as the driveway and walkway. While a driveway enables your car to drive smoothly to the garage, your walkway allows you to walk around your garden.

Many homeowners have asphalt paving for their driveways. If yours has been worn out over time, be sure to hire a repair service for asphalt cracks to ensure its safety and functionality. Also, consider replacing your stamped concrete walkway with other paving materials like bricks, cobblestone, travertine, or flagstone.

5. Deck or Patio

Most homeowners have thought about installing a deck or patio during this pandemic. For the uninitiated, a deck extends from your house without a roof, while a patio is a paved area laid directly on the ground.

Both provide an outdoor space for relaxation and family bonding, which are vital during the pandemic. As home isolation and less physical activities can affect your physical and mental health, consider setting up this outdoor space. If you have one already, be sure to power-wash it or take its aesthetics up a notch.

6. Landscape or Garden

Since you’ve already considered boosting your property’s curb appeal through your house exterior, don’t forget your garden or landscape. As you spend most of your time at home, take time to go outdoors. It’s best to grow plants, shrubs, flowers, vegetation, and even trees.

While you’re at it, also consider installing hardscape structures such as a water fountain, fire pit, retaining walls, and even a fence or gate. Lastly, get a lawn care service for lawn mowing, constant irrigation, weed removal, disease treatment, and pest control. All these will bring your outdoor space back to life!

It’s about time to take your house exterior to the next level during this pandemic. Consider installing or renovating your exterior walls or siding, doors, and windows, as well as roof and gutters. Don’t forget your driveway and walkway, deck or patio, as well as landscape or garden. Ultimately, you’ll be amazed at how all these will boost your property’s curb appeal and home value.

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