How to Show Support for Your College Grad’s Fresh Start

College graduates in KalamazooYour child is all grown up and graduated from college. This is an achievement worth celebrating. You should congratulate yourself on being able to support your child’s schooling, and your child for making it through college.

Now they’re leaving for their first job. As sad and sobering the realization may be, you have to accept that the day is finally here when your baby is no longer a baby but an adult ready to start out on their own.

This is not the time to be overly emotional and make the transition any harder than it already is for everyone involved. Although it’s a sad day in some ways, it’s also a happy time. Show your support for your child’s new adventures in life. Here are some ways to do it.

Help Them Find Their Own Place

Your young adult wants to prove to everyone that they’re ready, but if you offer to help them find their own place, you might be surprised by how happy that could make them. It’s one of the last things you’ll do together before you start owning different sets of keys. You have more experience in looking for houses or apartments, and you have a treasure trove of advice on how to start living alone for the first time. Impart some of that wisdom to your child. They’d probably be thankful too, if you help them on the day of the move.

Buy Them Their First Car

If you haven’t done so before, this is the perfect time to give them their own car. If you gave them the old station wagon before, now you can give them something that you both can agree on, something they can choose, something new. suggests you surprise them by taking them to look at new cars for sale in Kalamazoo. The make and model are surely going to fall second to the fact that you’re buying them one that’s brand new.

Give Them Advice on Life

You may have been giving them advice for as long as you can remember, but now that they’re set to live on their own, there’s an urgency to the situation. Your child is also more mature so they can take the advice more seriously. Drive together in the new car you just bought for your child, and when the initial excitement has begun to wane, tell them to listen to some advice you have. Whether it’s about safety, money, relationships, work, or anything else, it could mean a lot to them; it might even keep them going when times get rough. Assure your child that you’ll always be there, just a phone call or a short drive away, if they need you.

It’s not easy saying goodbye to your child, even when they’re just moving a few blocks away. Accept that they’re all grown up, and stop worrying too much, so you can make this transition more happy than sad.

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