Spring Wedding

Ideas to Make Your Spring Wedding Even More Blooming

Spring Wedding Stop using overused and cliche concepts for your summer wedding. Ditch the florals and venture into something more exciting and new for the most special day of your life.

Although you might have a wedding planner who oversees all the concepts along with the preparation, you can dip you hand deeper into the whole planning process and contribute fresh ideas perfect for your fresh, spring wedding. Here are some ideas you will be excited to put into your wedding mix.

Colored Powders

Spring is all about celebrating the colors creeping back after the cold spell and since our wedding is also about celebrating a new season in your lives, take a look at colored powders available in the market to liven up your special day.

You can incorporate this by the end of your wedding ceremony so it marks the transition of the event from a formal one to a casual reception fun. And since receptions are typically held from late afternoon to dusk, Chameleon Colors says you might want to try glow powder, which is like colored powder except it glows to bring more color to your evening celebration.

Sizzling Selections

This is the season of barbecuing so treat your guests to a beautiful, lively and casual reception where they are free to barbecue a wide range of food items. Barbecue makes an excellent pairing with cold beer, so make sure to have refreshing drinks around the bar for the guests to enjoy.

Upscale the barbecue-picnic theme by making your own signature brew or cocktails. Infuse a bit of summer in the drinks, like spiking your iced tea lemonade or mixing hibiscus and raspberry liquor with vodka.

Blooming Favors

Make the most of the spring season and give out beautiful plants or orchids as a party favor to your guests. Or if you’re tired of this idea yet, consider getting a custom perfume made designed by you and your significant other to give out to your guests once the party is over. Something that smells citrusy and cheerful, like spring.

There are many ideas to play around to make your wedding even more memorable. Go crazy but also remember this will be an event you only get to do once.

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