What Incoming College Freshmen Should Know

graduateCollege is a big step for incoming freshmen. There are numerous things to look forward to: new friends, parties, professors and heavy academic load. Everything is relatively new to the average college freshmen, including the home.

The dorm life is one of the best experiences of college students. It’s your home away from home. Moving into this new haven brings mixtures of emotions and thoughts that the average freshman can’t even manage.

Before you get overwhelmed with this new chapter of your life, here are some things to remember when moving into your first dorm room:

Create a List of Things-to-Bring

Despite the fact that there are numerous things you wish to bring, you have to restrain yourself. Dorm rooms are usually limited in space and can’t accommodate ping pong tables and other unnecessary furniture.

Create a list of the essentials: clothes, food and school supplies. Excess knick knacks, memorabilia and other unnecessary gadgets should be left behind.

If you plan on bringing appliances, confirm it first with the school administration. Plan ahead on the furniture you can bring and how you will deliver it your new room. Heavy equipment will need the help of professional movers, as recommended by Ezi Removals Perth.

Contact Your Residence Hall

Begin by contacting your residence hall. Get to know your new home by gathering vital information such as the size, accommodations, number of roommates, etc. Make sure to get a list of the dorm’s provisions so that you can create a checklist of the things you need to bring.

Begin Good Relationships with Roommates

Your roommates will be your companions for the duration of your stay, unless you move again. It’s essential to establish good rapport with the people you’ll be spending most nights. If possible, contact your roommate to get a head start.

When setting up your dorm room, remember to respect your roommate’s space. The person will have preferences that may interfere with yours. Be mindful not to invade their side of the room and keep all things to your side.

The dorm life is an experience unlike any other. Moving day is a big way to jumpstart your college years. Make the best out of it by doing it right.

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