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The Best Sources of Information for First-time Moms

Being a first-time mom is both a beautiful and stressful thing. While you’re still getting familiar with your motherly instincts, many people will try to “co-parent” with you. Those would be your own parents, in-laws, friends, and peers. If you have a public social media account, random people will also throw parenting tips at you.

As much as receiving loads of advice is something to appreciate, it can also be overwhelming. Different moms tend to have clashing opinions on what’s good parenting and what’s not. If you publicly show how you care for your child, someone will always say something negative. They’ll point out everything you’re apparently doing wrong and impose their own methods instead.

Thus, to avoid dealing with conflicting opinions and unsolicited advice, turn away from social media. Find credible online communities instead. These include brands, parenting websites run by experts, and family vloggers who keep it real. Brands are helpful because they create websites for online communities. These communities are composed of experts and customers alike who share their experiences in newborn care. You can use their guidance when you need assistance in using a particular baby or mom product.

That said, here are the best resources for confused new moms like you:

1. A Little Bit of Lacquer Blog

A Little Bit of Lacquer is run by dermatology resident Laura Scott, M.D. She has three daughters, and her husband is a doctor as well. Laura’s tagline is “everyday inspiration from a mother and a doctor.” Since she’s a professional, her advice is no doubt credible, and her opinions are well-informed. Her blog is perfect for you if you’re trying to balance motherhood and studies. Laura herself shares tips on how to juggle medical school and to raise three kids.

2. Love, Taza

If you feel like motherhood has taken away adventure from your life, get some positive energy from the Love, Taza blog. Naomi Taza, the blog owner, has five children, and they frequently travel the world as a family. Having a newborn may make globetrotting impossible, but once your kid grows, you can take them out to see the world, too, just like Naomi. She can give you tips on staying strong despite the sleepless nights but won’t sugar-coat her words. Naomi is honest about not going to miss the sleepless nights of caring for an infant.

3. The Zebra Tribe Family

This YouTuber family focuses on issues related to parenting, such as infertility and reproductive health. They’re both a credible and entertaining source of advice if you’ve also gone through a lot before conceiving your baby. The Zebra Tribe also touches on multicultural relationships. If you and your spouse have also come from different backgrounds, the Zebra Tribe can make you feel valid in your struggles.

4. Gerber

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On to the brands, Gerber has proven itself a veteran in the world of baby care products. Aside from food, they also offer clothing, and the term “onesie” is in fact trademarked by them. So if you want to dress your infant in cute overalls, Gerber can offer you the broadest range of options.

What’s more, they have gender-neutral colors and styles. If you haven’t given birth yet and would like to find out your baby’s gender by surprise, Gerber Childrenswear has got you covered.

5. Posh Peanut

If you want to match with your baby girl in the future, get your outfits from Posh Peanut. Their clothing is made from bamboo fiber, which is soft, lightweight, stretchy, and breathable. As such, when your baby gets big enough to wear a Posh Peanut garment, they won’t complain about feeling hot and sticky.

7. California Baby

What’s a better baby brand than one created by a mom herself? Jessica Iclisoy, California Baby’s founder, sought bath products that are safe for babies. Her journey led her to make the California Baby Calming Shampoo & Body Wash, which would become a cult favorite among moms. Since California Baby’s founding, their line has extended to diaper rash creams, sunscreens, and more.

8. Prende Pants

Of course, the moms need new products, too. If your new belly is making you insecure, buy clothing from Prende Pants, a brand that offers high-waisted and eco-friendly leggings for postpartum moms. Their leggings come with adjustable compression options and belly wrapping. They may not restore your pre-pregnancy belly 100%, but they’d help curb your insecurities and make you feel like yourself again.

Use these resources as you explore motherhood for the first time. It’s okay to get advice from your family and friends from time to time, but when it comes to decision-making, only trust your instincts. These blogs, vlogs, and brands can help ensure that you’re on the right track.

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