Information Technology: A Booming Corporate Industry

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Over the decades, the Internet has been amazingly integrated into almost every little aspect of human life. As of 2019, it’s been reported that the world population of Internet users has ballooned to an astounding 4.39 billion.

Moreover, the web itself continues to advance year by year, making it possible for the field of information technology to expand into a lucrative industry. This is especially true in the US, a progressive country that abounds with innovative tech solutions.

If you’re looking for career opportunities in this field, below is a list of popular IT job types with accompanying details so that you can match them with your present skills, knowledge, and scope of interest:

  • Project Manager: An IT project manager is a professional who is tasked with overseeing the process of planning and executing a project around an organization’s pursuits and goals. This job entails delegating responsibilities to members of a team.
  • Software Developer: Software development deals primarily with creating and installing software programs for clients. Software developers are also tasked with testing them to identify and troubleshoot errors. In addition, they are responsible for crafting internal programs that allow businesses to be more efficient.
  • Database Software Engineer: Database software engineers are tasked with the design and development of database systems as well as the technologies used in their creation and maintenance.
  • Network Engineer:  The main role of a network engineer is to deliver high-availability network infrastructure to maintain sustainable online IT activities of the users of a certain program or network. Additionally, network engineers are responsible for designing and implementing network configurations as well as troubleshooting performance issues, conducting network monitoring, and creating security systems like firewalls.

Application Software Engineer

  • Application Software Engineer: Application software engineers deal with designing and developing applications. They also handle general application software and utility programs.
  • Security System Engineer: Security system engineers are the first line of defense of a company against any unauthorized access to the system. They also protect the systems against malware and other security threats. These professionals are responsible for optimizing the company’s network security through testing and screening of security software. This entails monitoring systems to detect and handle security breaches or attempts.
  • Server and Machine Operation and Maintenance: IT professionals in this department focus on the maintenance and management of the organization’s in-house electronic equipment and system server.
  • Programmer: The main duty of a programmer is to create and develop computer programs, games, or other kinds of application software. Programmers are also tasked with monitoring tasks to make sure that the programs are working smoothly and efficiently without any drawbacks.
  • QA/Quality Control/Testing Engineer: In any industry, the quality of the main product or service is essential; thus, there’s a constant need for Quality Assurance (QA) engineers.  QA engineers develop and perform a range of tests to assess the efficiency of applications, network systems, or computer hardware. They are also responsible for designing and implementing the tests they administer as well as debugging errors and defining corrective actions.

The IT field is ripe with numerous career opportunities. With this, it’s essential to conduct elaborate research and widen your network to acquire a job that is suitable for you.

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