Brick Walls

Is Waterproofing External Brick Walls a Good Option?

Brick WallsWind, snow, rain and heat can cause damage to external brick walls over time. The presence of polluting agents in the atmosphere may accelerate the natural weathering and erosion of your brick wall. With adequate protection, you can lessen the wear and tear and extend the life of brickwork. Waterproofing products prevent heat from escaping and keep water outside, so that your family is cosy and warm all year long.

Damage from entry of water

Brickwork may develop cracks if water seeps into the walls. If wet weather persists, the rainwater stays within the walls. As the water freezes and thaws alternately, the structure becomes unstable from within. External dampness is also harmful to the wall in another way. The presence of moisture encourages the growth of moss and lichen. As the roots dig deeper into the brick, the walls slowly crumble to dust.

When the dampness penetrates one part of the wall, the section becomes more susceptible to entry of water. If the wall does not dry out substantially, water travels inward. Eventually, you will see wet patches from inside the house that can cause even more damage. The pforessionals of Apex Coating Services also note the consequent growth of mould on damp areas can compromise the walls and health of your family.

Water-repellant coating on brickwork

Numerous brands promise effective protection for brick walls from the damaging effects of different elements. Before you invest in the most promising offer, check if the advertised product is suitable for brickwork. In order to keep moisture out for the long term, you have to apply an exterior wall coating product, specifically formulated for external brick waterproofing. Take note that experts advise products that allow the brick wall to breathe.

Not all waterproof coatings work well with masonry. A breathable product that dries quickly and forms a layer that is water repellent is exactly what you need. Find a long-term waterproofing solution for your external brick wall, so that you do not have to spend for an unplanned renovation.

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