Jobs in IT Give the Biggest Salaries in Auckland

Jobs in Auckland If you finished a college degree in an information technology course, you should look for job vacancies in Auckland, New Zealand.

A recent Absolute IT report revealed that those working in the city’s industry earn more than their counterparts in other areas. The median base salary rate for IT professionals in Auckland amounted to $84,750, even higher than the rate in Wellington.

Nationwide, that rate also surpassed the median base salary of $80,000, according to the report.

Stable Salaries

While the country’s median base salary for IT jobs remained stable in the past 12 months, Auckland’s salary growth allowed it to become the highest-paying region for the IT sector for the first time. However, factors such as a limited number of skilled workers and cost of living—Auckland is the fourth most expensive city in New Zealand—have played a role in the increase in wages.

As employers also compete to clinch highly qualified candidates, you can expect to choose from several job offers if your credentials are best suited for the job. These companies are not just willing to pay more, but also intend to add bonuses and certain benefits.

Jobless Numbers

The number of people without jobs in the country rose to 5.2 per centin the last quarter of 2016, primarily due to migrants moving into New Zealand in pursuit of employment. The employment rate also increased, although at a mere 0.8 per cent.

Some economists attributed the increase in unemployment due to New Zealand’s strong economy continues to attract foreign people to try their luck in the labour market.


New Zealand’s unemployment rate could make it harder for you to find a job, but having the right attitude and mindset should be one of your priorities. Those who succeed in getting out of employment are not just skilled; they also do not give up readily when faced with failure and rejection.





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