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Top 7 Tips on Keeping Your Family Warm during Winter

Winter prompts everyone to stay indoors to keep warm. It’s the most logical reason to avoid frostbite. To combat the harsh weather, people use layers of clothes to keep themselves warm, but this is not enough. Installing heating apparatuses such as high-quality ceramic radiant heaters will do the trick.

Winter stays for a few months and the least we can do is to look for ways to keep us warm. This can make the harsh season more tolerable. Some of these ways include activities that you might enjoy as a hobby in the future. If you are keen to know, here are other tips on keeping your family warm during winter:

1. Layering Your Clothes

Layer clothes that will keep you warm during winter. You can wear jackets, flannels, or sweaters to combat the cold. Another wise idea is to use clothes with thick material to keep you warm throughout the day. Layer wisely to avoid piling your laundry. In addition, you can style your layering even if you are at home. Browse your wardrobe to see what clothes you can layer according to their color and what complements the other.

2. Exercising Regularly

Although the winter may prompt us to laze around, exercising regularly helps us regulate our body heat. Encourage your family or your roommates to exercise within the house to keep yourselves warm. If you do not have the luxury of an indoor gym, you can use filled water bottles, a filled backpack, a sack of rice, and paper plates as alternative gym equipment. Encourage the people at home to exercise with you. Not only does this activity help regulate your body heat but this also fosters bonding among your family or roommates.

3. Consuming Warm Food and Beverages

Like exercising, consuming warm food and beverages also keeps us warm. Cook warm food such as stew or soup and consume warm beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. These will keep your body warm throughout the day. Furthermore, this can also be a great bonding time with the people at home because you get to collaborate and suggest ideas in the kitchen. You can look for recipes online to make the task easier on your part.

4. Ensuring That Every House Orifice Is Closed

A common reason why your home is not warm enough is that a door or a window may be open. This allows the harsh cold to come in. Check all doors and windows and all possible openings that the cold can pass through. Some of your efforts to keep warm will be ineffective if this is overlooked. In addition, check for possible holes inside your house, and use a piece of fabric to cover it up.

5. Lounging Upstairs

Science dictates that cold air stays down while warm air stays up. If you want to keep warm and you have upper levels to your home, lounge there and take advantage of the less cold temperature. Move your television and couch there to make the space more comfortable for everyone. Lounging downstairs will do you no good.

6. Reversing Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan normally works in a counter-clockwise direction to push down cold air. This time, reverse it clockwise to push down warm air. You can do this by standing on a chair and pulling down the string. It shall change the direction of the fan. This is entirely helpful especially if you only have a single floor to your home and have no upper levels to lounge in.

7. Using a Humidifier

Dry indoor air can cause a lot of problems such as dry skin, cracked lips, sinus congestion, and dry throat. A humidifier helps prevent that by adding moisture to the air. It provides warmth to the otherwise dry indoor air. Humidifiers come in different sizes, prices, and types (central humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporators, steam vaporizers, and impeller humidifiers). You can choose yours according to the space you want to be humidified and the budget you have.

We can’t avoid winter all throughout that’s why we have to compromise. Along with the inconvenient shoveling of snow, dealing with a car that won’t start, keeping warm is also a struggle. Tips such as those previously mentioned are provided to help people withstand the harsh cold of winter. You might discover that exercising and making warm food and beverages can be your new hobby. All we have to do is enjoy the time being and who knows, we might discover something new about ourselves while staying indoors.

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