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LGBT Family Law: Why You Should Adopt Your Partner’s Child

LGBT Family Law in AlbuquerqueLiving with a partner of the same sex is not an issue. When your partner has a child, the situation could even be more complicated. Especially if you and the child have become close and mutual respect and love are present in your relationship, you should take legal steps to protect that relationship. Here are some important pieces of advice you would do well to follow.

Marrying Your Partner

Marriage is a good and viable option if you and your partner truly love each other and there are no foreseeable legal problems that may result from your marriage. It protects your relationship and gives you rights to each other’s property or estate should something happen to one of you. If you’re married, you can legally adopt your partner’s child.

Adopting Your Partner’s Child

  • The procedures for adopting your partner’s child when you’re married are largely similar to the procedures involved in a heterosexual marriage. As same-sex marriage was not included when the laws governing adoption were written, it is best to choose a family law firm in Albuquerque, NM that has experience in LGBT adoptions. Getting a LGBT family lawyer will help protect your rights and those of the child.
  • Before an adoption can take place, the biological parent should renounce their parental rights to the child. This should not be a problem especially if the biological parent has played no part in the child’s life. Again, a LGBT lawyer will know the procedures to make this happen faster.
  • Another advantage of adopting your partner’s child is in the case of divorce, you can still enjoy the right to be with your adopted child as you are the recognized stepparent, not the child’s biological parent. The child will also have rights to your inheritance if something happens to you and a will is not present.

To help ensure that the adoption takes place, get a lawyer skilled in LGBT family law, and focus on giving the child a chance to have a complete and loving family.

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