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Life After Retirement Programs: Creating Desirable Communities for Retirees

Retirees have a lot to consider after finally bidding goodbye to their careers. Be it the rich or those with average income, retirees have three major requirements to live a comfortable life:

  • Security for health
  • Companionship
  • Comfortable lifestyle

Retirees feel the need to be wanted and occupied. Hence, living amidst busy working professionals isn’t going to help them much. They need a good place to enjoy their retirement in the best way possible. Quite a few places are ‘designed’ to attract retirees to develop their own community. Some programs are developed for this sole purpose. Known as certified retirement communities, these places offer an environment where people can engage in activities that may help them get out and socialize.

retirement communities

It is estimated that every household moving into a particular state with retirement in mind are able to create more jobs; thus, improving the economy quite significantly. These programs are useful in making the older population feel relaxed. According to Twin Lakes Retirement Community, the following are some of the reasons retirees are attracted to these programs:

  • Additional wealth brought into the state
  • Housing sector improvement by developers
  • Improvement of existent facilities
  • Creation of more jobs
  • Helping the overall economy

The city’s local government should submit an application to be eligible for certification. Retirement communities in NC are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Reduced living costs
  • Lower taxes
  • Reduced crime rate
  • Affordable and adequate healthcare facilities
  • Opportunities for recreation, education and the like

To make sure that these communities are qualified, the following criteria should be met:

  • They should be ideally located.
  • The nearest hospital should be no farther than 30 miles.
  • There should be adequate support from churches, businesses, clubs, and media.
  • There should be a long-term plan that outlines all the steps that the respective states will undertake to make sure that they remain desirable to all retirees.
  • The committee has to present a report to the authorities at regular intervals.
  • The public relations team should make sure that the community is well-established.
  • The program should also appeal to prospective retirees.

People in search of these communities prefer towns that are welcoming and have adequate facilities to cater to their needs. Lumberton, NC is a well-known place that is certified with all requirements. Other towns like Marion, Asheboro, and Sanford also require certification for this purpose.

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