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Making the Most of Your 20s: 8 Activities to Try in Your Free Time

Some things are more fun to do when you hit your 20s. You are now a young adult, and technically, people will tell you that you can make decisions independently and expect great things from you. Although some might think you’re still acting like a kid, whatever you feel is best for you should be your decision at the end of the day.

This crucial stage of your life is nearly similar to your teenage years—only that you have more freedom to explore your environment, your community, and yourself. You might discover who you want to be when you reach this age, so you should live life to the fullest.

Here are some fun activities you need to do in your 20s:

1. Cliff Dive

If you have not yet tried cliff diving, this should be the first thing you should try. Cliff dive with friends on a weekend getaway. Drive to one of the famous spots near you, bring your best swimwear and lots of courage, and just let go. It can make you feel the best adrenaline rush in your body.

2. Learn to Cook

Your age is the beginning of your independence. And when you get out into the real world, start working and living alone, you have to know how to cook. Buying take-outs every will not be suitable for your wallet and your waistline. But knowing how to cook will save you some money on takeaways eating out alone. Cooking your food will also help you maintain a balanced diet. You will be eating healthier food and have better options when you know how to cook.

3. Start a Hobby

Starting a hobby will give you a break from any routine. You can begin learning origami, calligraphy, tarot reading, or jewelry making. If you are on the adventurous side, you can start doing rock climbing, zip-lining, kickboxing, skiing, surfing, and archery. When skiing, make sure that you wear the proper gear, including high-quality Bogner ski bottoms. There are still others like photography, paper mache, scrapbooking, and candle making. These are fun things to do, and you have a variety of activities to choose from. In the long run, your hobby can also let you earn some money if you sell your works like jewelry, candles, and photographs.

4. Start Reading the Classics

This might be a requirement in your literature classes, but it can also give you a better understanding of why their stories ended that way. When you were a student, you were probably wondering why some love stories are very tragic. When you re-read these stories, you will better understand why some characters did those silly things for love. Things that used to confuse you when you were a student will make more sense when you read that classic story again.

5. Go on a Road Trip

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Road trips are fun, especially with friends or family. Sometimes, the journey is worthwhile even before you reach your destination. You can listen to your favorite songs while in the car, eat and sleep inside the vehicle, and stop at famous diners along the way.

6. Volunteer for a Cause

There are a lot of organizations where you can volunteer. You can volunteer in animal shelters, retirement homes, food banks, homeless shelters, parks, disaster relief organizations, community centers, faith organizations, and libraries. This will make your 20s worthwhile because you have fun while helping your community and those in need.

7. De-clutter

You are taking a few steps into being independent. Some of the things that you still have may not be necessary for the future. You can clean up your room and segregate your stuff. Have a box for those you can throw away and those you can donate. Your parents will be happy if they see you cleaning your room. Other people will also be satisfied with your old stuff. Your old toys can make some other kid happy.

8. Find Your Passion

Finding your passion might not have been an easy thing when you were still a teenager. But now that you have grown a bit wiser with age, you have a sense of what you want. This is the right time to fight for what you believe in and pursue what you are passionate about. If you are into the arts, then follow your dream and be an artist, a dancer, a painter, a filmmaker, a sculptor, or a musician. If you are into sports, then be an athlete. If you are passionate about teaching, then be a teacher. The possibilities of finding your passion are endless; you just have to follow your heart.

These things are fun to do, especially at your age. You can discover something new about yourself and be passionate about it. Or, you might rekindle an old flame about something you used to enjoy. Either way, you get to have fun and do it freely.




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