Modifying Your Vehicle: Leveling or Lift Kits?

Your vehicle can experience style and functionality upgrades when raised a few inches. This can be performed with the use of a leveling kit or lift kit. These are distinct processes with their own advantages and disadvantages to offer.

How do these kits differ and which one is best for your vehicle?

How They Work

Both types of kits raise the truck body, increase ground clearance, and allow vehicle axles to fit larger tires.


Trucks are usually higher at the end than they are at the front. They are designed this way so heavy loads in the truck bed do not cause the truck to sag from additional weight. A leveling kit can eliminate the height difference between the front and rear of a truck. In doing so, your vehicle’s balance is improved. You can consider installing a rear spacer after leveling a vehicle to account for extra load weights.

Leveling kits normally only provide a lift of one or two inches. This may be enough for you to install slightly larger tires to your vehicle.


A lift kit also raises a vehicle away from the ground. They employ suspension systems to provide your vehicle ground clearance, better off-road performance, and increased height. They usually feature additional components like shocks, springs, control arms, and drive shafts. Lift kits come in many different shapes and sizes.

Advantages of Lifting and Leveling Kits

Mechanic fixing the wheel section

Leveling kits are more inexpensive and easy to install than lift kits are. Using them allows you to retain factory ride quality while leveling out the ride and balance of the vehicle.

Lift kits or suspension systems allow you to use larger wheels and tires. The use of a lift kit is the only way to provide space for larger tires and allow the vehicle to maintain ride and handle quality. You can prevent vehicle damage from rocks and debris on roads by eliminating low vehicle suspension. This is especially beneficial for rough roads and for going off-road.

Disadvantages of Lifting and Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are simple modifications that do not do much in the way of improving vehicle style. They can also cause your truck to sag at the rear if load weights are too heavy.

Lift kits are expensive additions for a vehicle. In addition, heavier and wider wheels and tires create additional weight and aerodynamic drag for a truck. This can require the use of more fuel. In addition, the higher you lift your vehicle, the higher the center of gravity becomes. This creates a more unstable driving experience when at high speeds or on a highway.

Best Kit for You

The kit that suits you best depends on how you intend to use your vehicle. Leveling kits are more appropriate for use as a tow rig or utility vehicle. On the other hand, if you plan to go off-road or showcase your truck’s style, a lift kit may be more appropriate. Keep in mind that whichever kit you choose will still add style and value to your truck.

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