Mompreneur: The Easiest Businesses to Run For Busy Moms

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There’s already enough pressure in raising kids, making a 9-to-5 job grueling for new moms. Being in the office may be a reprieve from the endless childcare-related tasks, but not without the “mom guilt” nagging at them. As much they’d love to take a break from parenting, they can’t help that their child depends on them.

If you share the same struggle, perhaps it’s a good idea to start a business instead. Being your own boss may intimidate you at first, especially if you can’t even balance several responsibilities on some days. But not all businesses will demand your constant attention. While they’ll need your thorough monitoring, they won’t stop you from fulfilling your mommy duties.

The trick is to choose a low-maintenance business that will profit well. Surprisingly, there are many business ventures you can start with a low capital, and run with little time. So if you think being a “mompreneur” will let you manage your time better, consider any of these easy businesses to operate:

1. Instagram Consultant

If you have a knack for posting photos that garner hefty Likes, small businesses may be interested in your secrets. With your talent, basic marketing knowledge, and motivation, you can help small businesses market their brand on Instagram successfully.

Your role as an Instagram consultant isn’t to edit or post your client’s photos or videos. Instead, you’d provide them resources that will grow their following and engagement. You’d recommend or plan content for them to post, and in what form (e.g. Story, photo, or video). Basically, you’d give expert tips for a fee.

2. Blogging

Motherhood can be a lonely job, no matter how much you love your kids and family. As such, many moms turned to blogging and found a community of other moms who also felt their struggles.

Your blog shouldn’t be a grim place though, where you vent out frustrations and other negative feelings. Instead, it should be a safe and comforting place where you and your audience can just talk about interests and hobbies outside motherhood. Find a topic that you enjoy talking about, and center all your content around it.

When your blog grows, brands would start approaching you and offer to sponsor some of your content. All you have to do is write something good about their products or services so that your audience will be encouraged to check out that brand. This is how you can form relationships with brands you trust, and grow your name in the industry at the same time.

3. Laundromat


Consultation services and blogging can still be too demanding for a new mom. As such, a laundromat business is worth considering. It will require very little involvement from you. You won’t even need employees, because laundromat machines are operated by customers. But if you’re worried about security, then you may hire a staff who will watch over the machines and the customers.

The only catch in a laundromat business is the costs. You have to rent a good location, which is typically expensive. And of course, you need multiple commercial laundromat machines, as well as a change machine.

4. Commercial or Residential Cleaning

If a laundromat business is too much for your pockets, consider offering commercial or residential cleaning services instead. You can either operate as an independent company or buy a franchise. A reputable commercial cleaning franchise business gives you the advantage of starting out as a well-known name. You can acquire a solid customer base right away, and attract new ones without trial-and-error marketing techniques because your franchisor has got you covered. It’s a larger investment, but one with fewer risks.

On the other hand, if you’d start your own company, launching your operations may take longer. It will cost you less money, but you’d be dealing with risks such as the market not knowing your brand. In any case, though, ensure that your cleaning services have a clearly defined target market and properly trained staff.

5. Self-storage

Many people actually need a safe place to store their stuff in for a time. If your town doesn’t have a self-storage facility yet, seize the chance to be the first one to build it. Once the business is up and running, it won’t need employees round the clock. You yourself can visit the facility to inspect for safety and security issues, a task that shouldn’t take you a while.

The best thing about a self-storage business is that it generates recurring income. Your customers are renting their storage, hence they pay you monthly rent. To attract many customers, find a good, easily accessible, and safe location. You can build your storage units, rent, or buy them.

These businesses can help busy moms like you feel more empowered. When you have something to look forward to apart from your child, you gain a greater sense of purpose and recover a part of who you are that you seemed to have lost after giving birth.

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