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More on Finding the Best Tube Bender for Your Industrial Operations

You have done your research well, and, by now, you already the qualities to consider for when looking for the best supplier for your automotive equipment. You also have figured it all out what you must never ignore when buying these types of equipment from either an online or physical store. But, how about what to check for when choosing the right industrial tube bender? Here, a renowned and authorized Baileigh products supplier highlights two of the most critical factors to consider. So, here:

Your Rate of Energy Consumption

Conventional tube benders have an optimal energy rating that any automotive assembly shop can use. But, you could be having energy plans that you would want your tube benders to meet. For such, discuss with your tube bender manufacturer and customize a design that will meet that need. In other instances, you can have the tube benders come with higher power ratings if you are using them for heavy automotive assembly.

Nonetheless, top manufacturers of tube benders and related equipment have been and still are finding solutions for designs that consume very little energy and remain very efficient. Such features focus more on reducing any unnecessary use of motors. Balancing and distributing energy demands to only the parts that need powering is also a critical factor when optimizing energy consumption of tube benders.

The Type of Required Clamping

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Proper clamping is a crucial step when operating tube benders. You can only achieve the best results if you firmly and correctly clamp the tubes that you are bending. But, not every clamping equipment will be right for your application. Typically, there are three types of clamping, which range from manual to pneumatic and hydraulic clamping. Each of these plays critical roles in facilitating precise tool change but on different capacities.

The manual clamping is relatively cheap, and it is easy to learn your way around operating it. However, these types wear away quickly, although they are as sturdy as are hydraulic clamping equipment. On the other hand, pneumatic clamping tools are self-aligning and quite flexible. However, they only can take in a particular tonnage above which you risk breaking and rendering them unrepairable. So, be very keen when using these clamping tools. Hydraulic clamping is the best of these three. It combines all features of the other two; however, it is limited in the material and size of tools it can handle.

Your Work (Material) Matters, too

The material that you are working on is a primary factor when choosing an industrial tube bender for your automotive operations. Also, consider the building material of the tube bender that you are planning to buy, adds a Baileigh products supplier. It is on this that you should inquire from your tube bender supplier about the service life of the automotive equipment that you are procuring. Sourcing right will save the additional expense of replacing the tube benders and other rated products often. With high-quality equipment, the maintenance requirements will also be minimal, which will translate to a high return-on-equity. Besides, confirm with your tube bender supplier whether the product that you are ordering can handle the size and type of materials that you work on in your automotive processes.

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