Moving to Japan: Getting Used to the Lifestyle and Culture

Moving to JapanYou are always reminded that life is not meant to be lived in one place. There is this urge to go out and travel, learn another language, explore new cultures and meet locals. Visit places that is out of your comfort zone, and who knows? You might find your new home.

Deciding to live in a foreign land is a big shift, however. You do not only move your belongings, but also your entire life. Here are some of the basic things you need to know before moving:

  1. Housing – House hunting, like in any other country, can be challenging. A new life in a foreign country can pack a lot of stress, but in Japan, Sumitomo Realty & Development Co. noted that finding a house rental is not as difficult as you think. There are companies that act as a one-stop shop for all your housing concerns. From the fees to the management to the interior, you can ask them everything you need.
  2. Food – Japanese food is not only picture perfect, they taste good. Their cuisine is a fusion of modern and traditional taste. Once you live in Japan, get ready to feast on their iconic foods like sushi, maki, ramen, tempura, and tonkatsu. Afterward, end your meal with a sip matcha (green tea).
  3. Public Transport – Tourists fall in love with how efficient Japan’s transport system is, although they can be confusing at times. Public transportation is a breeze because of the effective network within the metro areas and large cities. Punctuality sets Japan apart from the others. Trains and buses arrive and leave on the dot with minimal delay.

Japan may or may not have everything you need, but there is something to it that makes you feel at home. This country has always been a popular choice. From dainty houses and intricate food to breathtaking landscapes, you can find a place to fit in.

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