In Need of Car Hire Services? Check Out These Pointers to Get You Going

Car for hireConsider the type of vehicle you’ll be getting for rent. Are you travelling with the entire family, bringing a lot of items with you? Go for an SUV or a large sedan. If you’re not too keen on spending a lot for car hire, then go for a smaller one instead.

Apart from size, there are also other factors you need to take into account. Aries Car Rental says you need to consider these questions: do you need a ‘green’ car i.e. an eco-friendly one? Would you need a car with automatic transmission? Or you’d rather have one with manual transmission? Will you also need other extras such as car seats, ski racks or GPS system?

Know the Actual Costs

The price you see may not yet be the actual price; see if it already comes – or if you’ll have to pay – with airport surcharges, driver’s fees, gasoline bills, insurance or other drop-off charges. Check if the rates already include GST.

There are advertised rates applicable only for cars that are not suitable for you, or can be used only in places where you’re not planning to go. Make sure you’re clear on what fees you’re going to pay for.

Shop Around

Check booking engines and other sites to see the average rates. You can also see sites of offering car hire services in Perth – some of them offer exclusive discounts and may waive booking fees as well. See the selection of deals before making booking confirmations.

Would you get any discounts for any frequent flier programs, national organisations or credit card rewards programs that you currently belong? There are car rental deals you can take advantage of, as well as promotions and coupon codes.

Renting vehicles provide the freedom and flexibility you need. Make sure to choose the most suitable vehicle there is to help you make the most of your trip.

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