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It’s Not Just Glass: What You Didn’t Know Can Save Your Life, Energy and Your Hard-earned Cash

Glass TipsAs you enter your neighbours’ home or while surfing the net for interior designs, you notice that glossy and clear glass covering those sleek walls creating that contemporary look. Often, you will find them in kitchens and dining areas giving that clean luxurious feeling.

You tell yourself, ‘I want one of those!’ but before you go off buying and spending for one, you have to know what you are looking for and what your family needs.

Here are the different types of glass, according to Perth City Glass, that provides safety and may save you money.

Toughened or Tempered Glass

This is a type of safety glass that shatters into small fragments rather than lethal shards. This happens through controlled thermal or chemical treatments increasing its strength and durability than the regular glass. It is a glass used as glass splashbacks, windows, and sliding doors.

Laminated Glass

This is another safety glass that ensures your home is safe for kids around. In case of human impact or accidental hits, it does not shatter or break into shards, but produces a distinctive crack with a spider-web-like pattern. An interlayer made up of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a resin used for fixtures that needs strong binding, adhesion to other surfaces, toughness, optical clarity, and flexibility, holds up the glass and provides structural support.

Double Glazing

Want to save money on energy? Insulation is the key. Double glazed glass units have second layers that help your home from losing significant heat, at the same time minimizing outside noise pollution. Cutting heat lost by half through walls and windows will reduce your heating bills considerably, which is beneficial if you aim to increase your savings.

This is ideal for those living in cooler areas. Moreover, should you decide to move and sell your house, double glazing adds value to your home, making it a smart investment as well.

Aside from safety and saving funds, you can also enjoy creativity in beautifying your home with designs and colours. You have options like colour glasses found in kitchen splashbacks. You can have glass installed on walls, floors, tables, and so on.

Use your imagination. The main thing is to know what’s important and what you need while building your dream home.

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