On Academic Milestones: Are Graduation Celebrations Passé?

Graduation CelebrationEducation has always been an important aspect of any person’s life. One goes through at least a decade of learning to gain the credibility warranted for a degree. To attend a university and complete a course is not an easy feat. For this reason, families celebrate the graduation of their beloved.

Paying for the education in itself is already hard work. Imagine the student loans young people incur just to continue their pursuit of knowledge.

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However, students have more than the tuition to think of, especially when they are candidates for graduation. When a student is strapped for cash, and a loan helped pay for his or her last requirements, finally making the march entails a grand enough celebration. Unfortunately, typical celebrations these days can be quite costly, and the student has no more room in his bank account for additional debts.

Other than the decreasing interest in formal education, is this the reason graduation celebrations are turning into a thing of the past? Are millennials no longer as interested in recognising an academic milestone due to the expense that comes with it?

The Different Ways of Celebrating Your Graduation

Celebrating your graduation does not have to be a bacchanalia of sorts. You, too, have to understand how there are more expenses in the future whilst you job-hunt. There are a number of affordable ways to glorify your academic achievement. Here are two:

  • Going out to dinner with the people who have been instrumental to your achievement is a meaningful gesture. It can also be a show of appreciation and gratitude. Begin with recognising the efforts and contributions of your family, friends and professors before partaking of the food that is representative of your hard work and struggles.
  • Opening a bottle of champagne at home with your friends and family after a simple meal can be symbolic of your victory. Make a short speech and take photographs.

Do note that the important thing about graduating is that you are now ready to face the real world. Simple graduation celebrations will never be out of date, and will serve to always remind you that you can achieve something when you work hard enough. So, go and celebrate in whatever way you can!

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