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Qualifying for the EB-5 Immigration Visa

travel visaAre you planning to migrate to another country? Would you like to invest your money somewhere or put up a business? If you do, you need thorough preparations. Even if you have the resources or funds in putting up businesses in another country, there are still processes and required papers you need to accomplish to make it legal.

For instance, in the US, the EB-5 immigration visa provides a method for people to obtain their green cards as foreign nationals planning to invest money in their country. The process is almost the same as applying for employment, so you will be required to present a number of documentations to prove your reasons for applying. A word of caution – the process may be a bit too strict.

Rahbaran & Associates, a leading provider of comprehensive immigration counsel to individuals and multinational corporations, offers the following tips when it comes to getting an EB-5 Visa:

  • As long as you can prove that you are investing your money, you are not required to undergo training or present certificates on business trainings.
  • You are free to put up your desired business at any location of the country so long as you maintain your investment or business for three years.
  • Your EB-5 visa is conditional. This will expire in two years, but you may be able to apply for renewal each time it expires, making it akin to a permanent one.

There are instances where the EB-5 visa may invalidated. These are:

  • When you commit a crime
  • When you fail to inform immigration officers about any change in your address
  • When you have lived outside of the US for a considerable period of time

There is also a minimum amount of money required as an investment for you to acquire an EB-5 visa. Currently, it should not be less than a million, although in some cases, this can be adjusted to about half a million.

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