Signs Your Air Ducts Need a Thorough Cleaning

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Your air ducts are favorite hiding spots of dirt, dust, carpet fibers, and other dangerous allergens. When they contaminate the HVAC system of your home, they can be a breeding ground for mites, bacteria, and other pests. Dirty ducts not only cause higher energy bills but can also result in expensive maintenance costs and respiratory issues. Thus, it would be best if you recognized the warning signs before they become a significant problem. Here are some indicators that you should schedule an air duct cleaning service:

1. Noticeably higher energy bills

Your cooling and heating costs should be consistent from year to year. But dirty air ducts can increase your energy bill. Dirt and dust buildup in the ducts can restrict airflow; thus, the HVAC system needs to work harder and consume more energy. If your energy costs are noticeably more expensive than the previous years despite switching to energy-efficient appliances, it can be a sign that the air ducts need a thorough cleaning.

2. Airflow problems

Dust and debris blockages restrict the air duct system’s ability to deliver the right amount of air to every room. Clogged ducts can cause airflow issues such as pressure imbalance, hot and cold spots in your home, or inadequate air distribution. It’s best to have your air ducts checked and see if a good cleaning can solve these problems.

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3. Unpleasant odors

Your HVAC system is a source of comfort, especially during the cold winter nights or hot summer days. But it can be a cause of discomfort when it starts to spread unpleasant odors throughout your home. The mold and mildew buildup or animal deposits in your air ducts could be the culprits of the musty odors. It is also possible for birds, insects, and rodents to take up residence in your air ducts and cause a nasty smell. Every homeowner wants to breathe cool, nice air. Thus, while these odors are not hazardous, you must have your air ducts inspected so that you can sort out the problem.

4. Respiratory issues

Dirty air ducts deliver poor air quality that affects your family’s health. The particles floating around your home may consist of fungal spores, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold, and bacteria. If you have constant contact with these contaminants, you may notice some symptoms of respiratory problems. Poor indoor air quality can cause sneezing, sore throat, frequent allergies, wheezing, fatigue, and increased asthma attacks. If you’re keeping your home clean and fresh but still experience these symptoms, it can be a sign that debris and toxins are recirculating in your indoor air system.

If you see these signs, find an air duct cleaning expert to do the job. While you may be a seasoned DIYer, cleaning your home’s HVAC ducts is not something that you should attempt on your own. Without advanced knowledge, experience, and the right tools, you run the risk of seriously damaging the ductwork. Ensure that you hire a certified air duct cleaning professional for the best results and your peace of mind.

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