Ski Etiquette: Ways to Show Respect to Fellow Skiers

Ski EtiquetteDuring the peak holiday season, ski resorts become a hectic place. From first-time travellers to experienced skiers visiting the slopes, expect the place to fill up quickly. Finding decent accommodations can become tricky and frayed tempers can clash. To enjoy your ski holiday, keep in mind to treat everyone on the resort with courtesy and respect.

Follow these basic etiquette rules to impress fellow skiers on and off the slopes:

Do not Jump the Queue

Patience is a virtue, even when on a holiday. Although you might find the ski lift line too long, you’ll have to bear with it and wait like everybody else.

If you want to ride the lift with your friends, do not cut ahead of others to join them in line. Gather all your friends and queue at the back of the line as a group.

Control Your Speed

While it may be tempting to show off your ski skills to your friends, you need to use common sense and know when to slow down. It is dangerous to ski too fast especially in crowded areas. Apart from the ski patrol issuing you with a warning for over speeding, you risk injury if you crash into people.

Throw Trash in the Bin

Be responsible enough to throw your trash where it belongs. Also, take initiative and pick up litter you encounter on the slopes. This way, you do your part in ensuring that everyone enjoys a clean ski holiday.

Give New Skiers Extra Room

If you are an experienced skier, give space to beginners who are training on the slopes to improve their skills. Remember that you started as a beginner like them as well.

Rude and inconsiderate behaviour can ruin holidays. Keep the peace and enjoy your time on the slopes by adhering to these basic etiquette rules the next time you go skiing.

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