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Skin Toner Do’s and Don’ts for Every Skin Type

Choosing the right toner for your skin can be tricky, especially with the variety of options out there. This guide addresses this problem, so buying the right skin toner online or offline will be easier for you. All you have to do is identify your skin type and follow these tips:

Normal Skin


Use toner every day. Just because you have normal skin doesn’t mean you can skip toners for the rest of your life or even once. If you keep skipping toners or cleansing all together, there will be dirt build up on your face, which can cause skin problems, such as acne breakouts and dryness.


Don’t use harsh products. Some toners these days promote “glass skin,” which prominent among Korean women. But more often than not, these products contain harsh ingredients to peel off your face’s first layer of skin. The purpose of cleansing a normal skin is to maintain its natural pH level. Harsh products can strip off the natural skin moisture, which leads to imbalanced pH levels.

Combination Skin


Change with the seasons. Your skin is called a combination for a reason. There are times it’s oily; other times it’s dry. Therefore, you should use a toner that meets your skin’s needs as the weather changes.


Don’t forget to use the right products. Since your face is a combination, you should deal with each face area. There are times when you’ll have oily and dry areas at the same time, so be sure you apply the right product for each.

Oily Skin


Use hydrating toners. Just because your skin is oily does not mean it’s over-hydrated. In fact, it is the opposite. Our skin is producing excess oil to compensate for the dehydration. Hydrating toners will help lock in water into your skin and soothe areas that are easily irritated.


Don’t use drying toners. One of the most popular pieces of advice for individuals with oily skin is to get an astringent toner. This type contains alcohol that dries out the skin for a matte look. However, this effect is temporary and not healthy in the long term. The drying effect of the alcohol triggers the skin to produce more sebum; therefore, oil is back (sometimes more) after a few hours.

Dry Skin


Take advantage of moisturizing toners. A common fear of people with dry skin is that toners will make their faces drier. That may be the case in the past, but recent advancements in skin care addressed this problem, giving birth to moisturizing toners. This type includes Vitamin E, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin.


Don’t skip toners. As mentioned, there are several toners for dry skin these days. This type can help get rid of flaking, redness and itching while keeping your skin hydrated at the same time.

Sensitive Skin

Woman applying cream on shoulderDo:

Use alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It used to be a challenge finding the right skincare products for sensitive skin. But skin experts didn’t give up easily and now we have AHA that helps your skin glow without irritating it.


Don’t try salicylic acid or retinoids. Salicylic acid is for treating acne while retinoids are for epithelial cell growth. While both are helpful, they’re not for sensitive skin.

Taking care of your skin these days is easier because there are products targeted for each skin type. By following this guide, you can skip the trial-and-error phase and ensure that you only get healthy and young-looking skin.

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