staple guns

Staple Guns and Cable Staples: A Handy Combination

To use cable staples, you need high-quality staple guns, which come in different sizes and shapes compared to ordinary paper staples. A staple gun is used to secure all types of cable staples and to fix DLS cables and telephone and electrical wires. Cable staples are also required to secure ropes and strips for binding cargo tightly to prevent damage. The gun used depends on the staple type and size.

staple guns

Simple Home Applications

Cable staples are used in different applications along with a quality gtpro staple gun. These include laying and fixing carpets on floors, joining audio cabinets, fixing upholstery, moulding, insulating, framing pictures, trimming of interiors and joining vinyl roofs. A wire stapler is completely different from ordinary staplers, as these are equipped with gears operable by levers. Once these levers are pulled, cables and wires are tightened. These find wide use in tightening electric and telephone wires effectively. The lever provides the gun its required power. Once the lever is pulled, a mechanical energy is generated. Each staple comes with a heavy clamp, which holds the wire tightly.

Loaded with Useful Features

Cable staplers work much faster than ordinary ones. These are also lightweight and can function without lubrication of any sort. Numerous companies manufacture these staplers, which come in different designs, sizes and capacities. Moreover, these can also be customised to meet individual needs. They’re also reasonably priced to suit every budget and reduce time and effort for major jobs, such as binding large quantities of cargo, laying out carpets spread over large areas and fixing joints of wooden furniture.

Even the automobile industry is using these cable staplers extensively to fix upholstery and for insulation. Those in the roofing business are also fixing vinyl roofs by stapling panels together instead of welding them. Apart from industrial application, staple guns can also be used in other repair jobs. This only shows how in-demand the product is in different industries.

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