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Taking Care of Your Parents and Kids While Dealing with Work

Your life is going well with the job of your dreams and your loving partner. You have beautiful kids who make you love your life even more. Each morning you wake up with hope in your heart and dreams for your future with them. Amongst this bliss, you sometimes forget that as you grow to be a confident and strong person, your parents get old.

It’s a strange feeling as you see the people who brought you up with strength as now getting vulnerable. You realize that you’re out in the world now, and they’re shrinking into their own little space. It’s not just you. According to various studies across the globe, there will be more older people in the world than there are younger ones.

Your parents are growing old in front of your eyes and it’s time for you to take care of them like they took care of you. You might be already thinking about this as many people see the symptoms — the weakness, illness, difficulty in doing day-to-day tasks — which are clearly visible. You have to start thinking about how you’ll help them.

How you can help them while being there for your kids?

This is where it gets tricky. You, along with many millennials, already have kids. If not, you might be thinking about having kids. You have your career on top of it, and your parents need attentive care. You have their own family to look after and kids need your full attention.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this situation. Many young parents are millennials and are in the same situation. It’s tricky to handle everything together. But there are some methods that you can try.

  • The best option is to get in-home care services. These are professional caretakers who are well versed with medical requirements and basic healthcare. They also act as companions for older people. This way you can visit them whenever you want while giving more time to your kids.

If you wish to do it yourself that’s great too. You are their children after all. They trust you and you understand them.

  • Sometimes, visiting them often goes a long way. Kids get busy with their lives and can’t find time for their parents. A great idea would be to organize family meals or Christmas dinners with them. Older people don’t get many chances to meet new people so you can invite your friends over. This is quite out of the box but it works.

Nothing brings people together more than food. Dinners are best to get everybody together and talking. Imagine the big smile on your parents’ faces when they see everybody together.

mom taking care of child while working

  • Arrange activities that your kids can do with them. Grandparents are a great influence on your children. They make them laugh with stories of the part and the best part, stories about you. Your children get to know you better and connect with their grandparents in the process. This has another advantage.

Older people are great listeners so your children can share their feelings with them. This works out well for both of them.

  • If your parents have serious health concerns, shifting them to a care facility will be a perfect idea. Care facilities are equipped with necessary staff, doctors, and health requirements for the elderly. There, they will be looked after very well.

Another advantage of care facilities is that they have other people of the same age. So, your parents will get a chance to make new friends. They share the stories of their lives with each other and form a great bond. It’s essential as no matter how much the younger people try, the age gap will be there.

Taking care of parents works great for mothers

This might seem weird at first. But, as you spend more time with your parents, you realize that you’re in the same place where they were some years ago. They became parents when you came into their lives. Nobody can understand your struggles and challenges better than them.

They watched you grow and become the person you are today. They will listen to your problems and provide insightful advice. You can share things about your kids with them. It’ll certainly make them smile.

No one is saying that it’s an easy task. It’s not. But, it’s necessary. If you give a bit of time to it, it will even become enjoyable. Take professional help if you want but being there for them is the greatest way to help your parents as they grow old. Your children will grow up watching you do that, and they’ll know from the beginning how they should treat you in the future. You’ll be setting a great example for them.

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