A Family Splitting Up

The Children Come First: A Divorce’s Primary Priority

A Family Splitting UpDivorce is a painful process, especially for the children. The kids may continue to live in a fantasy of a reunion or grieve over the loss. Teens grow up too fast, while the young ones can become too dependent. Boys may become aggressive toward others, and girls tend to be withdrawn.

It may take as long as two years before the children adjust to the situation, and some never get over it. As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure your children’s welfare is a priority during the divorce, even if you have to point it out to your family lawyer in Colorado Springs. Speaking of which, they can enlighten you what Colorado divorce and custody laws allow when it comes to the care of children.

Best Interest of the Children

According to divorce and custody laws, there is no set age limit as to when the child can pick a parent to live with, but it will also evaluate the children’s maturity.

The court also considers several factors such as the children’s ages, the kind of adjustment they will go through during and after the divorce, children’s preferred parent, and visitation rights of both non-custodial parent and grandparents. All these factors simply mean the court doesn’t favor one parent immediately.

Relocation After Divorce

Many divorced parents tend to move out of state or in another city, perhaps to start a new life or to seek better economic opportunities. The Colorado law, however, doesn’t make this an easy process. It requires parents with custody to notify the ex-partner of the move and gives the latter the option to dispute the request. Moreover, the court still has to decide whether the relocation is in the best interest of the children, especially if it can change the visitation and parental responsibility agreements significantly.

Although ex-spouses may end up being great friends, it doesn’t take away the fact divorce is challenging for everyone. To make sure you get only the best advice and legal support, work with a reputable lawyer who will help you in every step of the way.

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