The Dystopian Regime Is Here, and Big Tech Started It All

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It might be a few decades late, but shades of George Orwell’s 1984 are now appearing in the U.S. and the rest of the Western world. The Thought Police, Newspeak, Room 101, government surveillance, and massive propaganda have become part of our daily lives or soon will. The revolution (or devolution) started with the Internet but is now threatening to affect your very existence.

The Authoritarian Rule of Big Tech

When Big Tech conspires with each other to the point of being authoritarian, there’s very little that anyone can do. Cloud and hosting services are now essential for individuals and small companies if they want their online sites preserved. Sites like YouTube and Facebook can lock you out from your own website or arbitrarily delete your content without any fear of reprisal.

Alex Jones was the first high-profile individual to be targeted — all his content gone. Next was Gab, an alternative media site; their web hosting service shut them down! Next came the Patreon controversy and Paypal cutting ties with SubscribeStar. Things might have died down, but the tech companies are colluding to shut down conservatives and push their agendas. Big Tech hates dissenting voices, and you will be silenced.

The Thought Police and Newspeak

Thankfully, the First Amendment stands firm in the U.S. However, in the UK and Canada, the Thought Police and Newspeak are grim realities. Canada is forcing its citizens to change how they speak — in deference to a protected class. In the UK, feminist Kate Scottow was arrested and jailed because of the words she used to address a protected class. Jokes are now unacceptable, and comedians must sign contracts guaranteeing their routine won’t be offensive to anyone.

Written word Hate Crime on red keyboard button

Hate crime laws are popping up or being amended; it will be up to an elite court to read your mind and intent. Even in the U.S., radicals are equating words to violence, and the most reputable universities are agreeing. Berkeley, once the bastion of free speech, now only gives a voice to those it chooses to.

Willing Masses

Sadly, a large swath of the population is clamoring for authoritarian rule. Young leftists, unprepared for the reality of the harsh world, are clamoring for more government control so that they can be protected. They want a single authority to be in charge of healthcare and education, not knowing that this will only lead to stagnation and ruin.

They believe that you are defined and limited by your race, and you need a higher authority to make things right. Mainstream media fills their minds with propaganda making them more malleable and gullible. The Democrat’s Green New Deal not only proposes socialist policies, but it also seeks government control over how businesses are run and how resources are used. The blinded masses are either unaware or just don’t care about the repercussions of giving up their rights to an easily corruptible institution.

The dystopian regime is here. You can see it in the political divide, the calls for authoritarian rule, and the absolute power of the elite over the lives of others.

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