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The Many Uses of Secondhand Vans

One of the reasons light commercial vehicles such as vans are so popular is their versatility. They are the classic vehicle, able to serve almost any purpose you set them out to. They are easily customizable, and they can be repurposed to serve any needs. There is a whole community of repurposed van aficionados who enjoys the process of converting vans, so much that they have turned it into their passion. Here are some of the most popular uses for an old van such as a used Mercedes Sprinter, especially in Idaho.

Mobile business

Many people turn their old—or even new—vans into mobile businesses and set up shop in the back. There have been cases of people selling vintage clothes, artwork, hardware, candy, and even marijuana out of converted Sprinter vans. It is estimated that a simple conversion such as this would only cost about $1200 as it does not require the installation of added components such as water or heat. For those on a low budget, running a pop-up shop out of a repurposed van just might be the best idea.

Food truck out of a van

Food trucks are actually surprisingly common not just in the U.S. but also all over Latin America. If cooking has always been your passion, you will be encouraged and heartened to know that many famous chefs started out with their trusty old vans and converted them into food trucks.

An ideal conversion in Idaho is a makeshift barbecue stand. Even though it sounds fun on paper, the actual process of converting a van into a food truck is expensive and takes some engineering know-how. You will have to be careful about the placement of generators and gas tanks if you plan on cooking hot food in there. You will also need to set up the electrical wiring carefully, so as not to short the whole van and render it useless. You will also have to invest some time and effort into cutting the side of the trunk into making a serving station.

Mobile home

camper van

Turning vans into mobile homes or camper vans have recently become very popular. These can be converted into rustic living spaces or even luxury tiny homes. These are ideal for living in the countryside or near wilderness. It is possible to convert these vans into camper vans by adding a water line and solar panels on the roof for electricity generation. On average, the cost of Sprinter van to camper van conversions is 20,000 dollars if one is going for the luxe living look, though it is possible to do it cheaper. There have even been instances of some people turning their vans into movable gyms.


Another popular van conversion idea is a bar. The requirements for this are relatively simple. You mainly need to set up a pressurized tap dispenser and a water connection. Cutting open a serving window and adding some stools around it can turn your van into an ideal open-air summer bar.

The van is the ideal vehicle for repurposing. It lasts a long time, is spacious enough to fit in many functionalities, and is cheap enough to buy second hand. Don’t let these ideas limit you. Explore all possibilities with your old van.

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