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The Only Guide You Need to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

Summer’s just around the corner – finally, a season of beautiful sunny weather! But, with the scorching heat that comes with summer, don’t you wish for it to be a little colder? Feel no defeat, for here’s how you beat the summer heat!

Make use of cooling appliances, and make sure they are in good running condition

Cool yourself down with the help of appliances! Get your fans and air-conditioning units ready, and ensure they are in good working condition.

If your AC units need fixing, ask a home air conditioner repair service provider like Whipple Service Champions in Salt Lake City to come to your rescue. Don’t wait for it to be busted and leave you behind, damp and miserable, on hot sunny days.

Drink water – LOTS of it

You need to drink water more than ever during summer. It’s the best (and cheapest) way to stay cool and hydrated.

Also, drinking lots of water keeps you away from health risks such as heat stroke and dehydration. You’d prefer frequent trips to the toilet than rushes to the hospital, right?

Head to the pool!

The most fun way to beat the summer heat is by going to the (indoor or shaded) pool!  Or better yet, get an inflatable pool for your home, put it somewhere under the shade and fill it with water. This summer, pool times are a great way to cool down the body while spending some quality time with the kids and family.

Try spritzing yourself with some cold peppermint tea

Misting your body with some cold peppermint tea will do the trick on making you feel cooler in summer. With the cool and suave menthol it contains, just a few spritzes of it, and you’re off to a fresher you.


Through these tips, you now have every power to defeat the summer heat! For your home air conditioner repair needs, contact a professional in Salt Lake City.

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