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The Right Palette: Choosing a Color Scheme for a Lawyer’s Website

website designColors elicit emotions, which is why they’re an important component of web design. Selecting colors for web design projects, however, is not as easy as resorting to a favorite family of hues. There are some considerations and theories you need to think about.

Things get more complicated when designing for a lawyer. A lawyer’s website isn’t like an e-commerce site or a simple blog, which sometimes relies on templates and ready-made palettes. The color scheme should subtly tell the lawyer’s clients that they’ve come to the right website.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Brand Colors

Always remember that a lawyer’s website should project a sense of authority and trustworthiness. says that the website should reflect the values of the practice. The law firm’s branding is a good place to start if you want to know about its core values and goals.

These things are usually embodied by the firm’s brand. Before starting on the design, look at the law firm’s brand colors. If you think that the colors are too dark or too bland, choose shades that complement the existing ones well.

The Content

The content sums up the purpose of the website, so you need to look into this area for inspiration. It is an important aspect of the website, so see to it that your color choices are appealing to the clients and fit nicely with the content. It is also important that the color scheme is in sync with the other design elements, such as the typeface, images, and other graphics.

When in Doubt…

When you’re in doubt, always consult the color wheel, which is the best tool for looking up colors. There are many color combinations you can come up with by using this chart. You can explore color harmonies, which include complementary (colors that match with each other), analogous (colors found next to each other on the wheel), and split-complementary combinations (colors adjacent to the complement).

These are only some of the things you need to consider when choosing the right color scheme for a lawyer’s website. Regardless of the scheme you’ve chosen, see to it that it makes the website look cohesive.

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