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Things to Remember When Installing Storage Tanks

Installing tanks in residential or commercial property is subject to numerous limitations, regardless of what you intend to store in the tank. It can be oil, petroleum, or just water.

Heartland Tank Services suggests that you keep the following tips in mind if you are planning to install a storage tank in your premises.

Decide on the Type of Installation

Figure out whether you want an above ground tank or an underground one. Most people opt for the former because it’s easier to set up and maintain. If you can’t spare the space, an underground type might be better.

Invest in Top Quality Tanks

You can never go wrong when you buy a top quality tank, even if it costs a little more than others. This holds true if you’re storing oil rather than water. You’d want to make sure that the tank is secure from any leaks that can contaminate the soil.

Always Use a Tank Stand

Do not make the mistake of placing the tank on the ground or just about any surface. The foundation must be flat and must completely support the bottom of the tank. This applies even if you’re using an underground type. There must be a solid surface at the bottom and not just the bare ground.

Plan Your Pipes Well

Make sure the pipes are well supported as they lead to the tank. This means there should be something right below the pipes instead of having it held up simply by an attachment to the tank.

Proofing Mechanics

If you’re installing a water tank, you’d want to make sure there’s a mosquito proofing installation to make sure it doesn’t become a hotbed for larvae. Oil tanks, however, require different proofing mechanics as stated by the law and standards.

These are just some of the most important things to remember when installing tanks at home or in your place of business. Professional construction is also a good option, as this gives you peace of mind.

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