Threats of Faulty Doors

Garage doorsGarage doors play some of the most important roles in the lives of Brisbane residents. Not only do they serve as an entry point; they also function as a garage security barrier, protection for your car, and security from intruders and other criminals.

Because garage doors have a long lasting life, sometimes, homeowners tend to neglect them. Remember: external elements, particularly inclement weather, beat down on your garage door regularly, so without proper care and maintenance, they will break down sooner.

You should have your faulty garage door repaired as soon as possible, or you put yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables at risk. Here are some of the threats of malfunctioning garage doors.


Garage doors comprise of many different moving parts, some mechanical, and others electrical. Many are small while others are bigger in size.

A malfunctioning door can make these parts pop out and hit someone (or your car) with so much force that they can cause injuries (or damages). These include nuts, bolts, nails and springs. When they loosen, they can just suddenly pop out when you operate the door.

Most of the time, symptoms of a faulty garage door arise, such as rattling noises whenever you close or open the door. Once you hear these weird noises, Elite Garage Repairs recommends calling a garage door springs repair expert in Brisbane. It is highly likely the problem has something to do with the spring.

Major injuries and damage

Always keep in mind that garage doors are some of the heaviest movable components of your home, so when you allow yours to go in disrepair, it can suddenly collapse. Even if no one is standing below the door, its extreme weight can still cause serious damage on your garage floor, which can lead to very expensive repairs.

Compromised security

Criminals, such as burglars and thieves, commonly use garage doors to gain unauthorised entry into homes. A malfunctioning garage door will make it even easier for them to enter your home. Not only will this result in major property loss; it can also leave everyone in your home feeling violated.

So get that broken down garage door fixed as soon as possible, and make sure someone professional carries out the repairs.

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