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Three Filezilla Features that Boost Your File Transfer Capacities

The Internet has brought many good things to society, and one of these is relative ease of sharing files. Users have enjoyed uploading and transferring important documents over the Internet to another domain, regardless of distance. This means, business and even personal transactions can be done through this virtual means.

download filezillaIt’s no wonder many have been downloading File Transfer Protocol programs (FTP) like Filezilla free download for Windows 7 and other platforms for the past few years. If you are looking for an efficient and secure means of moving files, check out some of the features Filezilla offers.

Folder View and File View

Handling and transferring documents can be quite tricky. You might be sharing the wrong file before you know it. A graphical interface can eliminate that trouble; it gives you more control and easier navigation. You simply have to drag and drop the file you need to transfer.

Transfer Queue and Site Manager

Another concern for most online users is queuing files. You don’t want to manually transfer each document and sit in front of your computer the whole time. With a transfer queue feature, you have more time to do other tasks. You can easily see which files are being transferred or queued.

Manage Bookmarks

You don’t have to manually pore over your bookmarks anymore. Applications like Filezilla free download for Windows7 can help you manage your bookmarks better.

Knowing the features of FTP programs like Filezilla can help you in various ways. Take time to study the application to make the most of its functions.

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