Three Tools to Heat Up Customer Engagement

Customer EngagementThe Internet is the hot modern-day business address. The website can turn into your brand’s permanent address before you know it. All you have to do is post images and details of your product, wait for inquiries, and sell away. But, as a business owner, the personal experience may be one of your biggest concerns.

If you ask an SEO company in Denver or elsewhere, it’s something you can easily fix by talking to and facing your clients. The best part is there are plenty of online tools for that. Here are some of them.

Social Media

Everyone’s on social media. You only need to set up an account or a page to reach your audience. One post can tell them what your brand is up to and update them on the events you’re holding. And, that’s just the basics.

New tools such as scheduled posts, direct messages to sellers, and buttons for pricing and other details make your Facebook page an eCommerce shop and social network in one. And, it only takes one ‘share’ to get more eyes on you. What’s not to like?

Live Chat

Live chat lets customers get in touch with you while they browse your site. It offers response on demand, a feature online visitors find important. Should they have questions about your services, they’ll get answers right away.

In addition, it’s a way for them to give you feedback. Imagine knowing when your site is having problems the moment a customer encounters them. Instead of letting a whole day pass before checking your inbox, you and your team can attend to their concern, pronto.

Video Apps

While they aren’t designed for networking, video apps can be the tool for a closer client-owner relationship. Imagine the owner addressing the customers via a funny vlog or a how-to video. It’s engaging, and it gives the website a face. It may or may not be live, but it’s personal and human — just what your visitors are looking for.

Get ready to hit pay dirt with these online tools. By combining the human and digital elements, they turn your site into the hot property you want it to be.

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