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Top 3 Signs Your Car Engine Needs a Full Service

At one point in time, your car will disappoint, and your engine will fail. This will force you to pay for mechanical services you hadn't budgeted for, just to get going. Unfortunately, many drivers overlook the need to regularly check and maintain their car engines until they are stuck and the car refuses to start.

Remember, bad driving habits, improper maintenance, plus many miles covered daily, racks up trouble to your engine. Below are some of the signs of an engine that must be replaced.

Metal Shavings

Regular oil change is necessary for your car — whether it is a Chevy or not, reminds Warren County’s Gastorf Chevrolet. It ensures metallic components in your engine don’t rub against each other and cause them to wear out.

The presence of metal shavings implies that engine oil needs changing, which you need to address immediately.

Too Much Exhaust Smoke

If you have followed someone whose car leaves behind a trail on unending smoke, you know how frustrating it can get. All the same, huge smoke emanating out of your car's tailpipe simply spells doom for your engine.

Typically, black smoke means a lot of fuel is being burnt. On the other hand, a lot of white smoke means there is a leakage in the engine's cooling system.

Strange Noises

Knocking noises would indicate a number of troubles with your engine and its components. However, the noise will be much more violent and high when engine bearings age and wear out.

Here, there is a high risk of your engine failing entirely if you don’t get these bearings replaced and other engine issues addressed in time.

Your driving habits can either keep your engine in shape or ruin it. Therefore, it's good that you learn and know how to securely handle your car while driving down busy highways and byways. Besides, watch out for the above signs and stay on top of your engine condition.

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