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Travel Tips: Choosing the Perfect Cabin for Your Cruise Holiday

The Australian cruise ship industry continues to be a huge contributor to the country’s tourism sector. Last 2016-2017, the industry’s total economic contribution to Australia grew by an impressive 15.4 per cent, reaching a record of $5.3 billion.

One of the reasons that people love cruising is the abundance of recreation choices, from hot tubs to live entertainment to an array of gastronomic delights. There’s just something for everyone, including cabins worthy of being called “home” for the duration of the cruise.

Choosing the best cabin on a cruise ship involves many factors including budget, location and lifestyle interests. If you’re planning a cruise holiday, ask yourself these questions before deciding on the perfect cabin for your days on board.

How much money am I willing to spend?

Price is certainly an important consideration when it comes to choosing cabins. Inside cabins have no views, making them cheaper than outside cabins which have windows, portholes and balconies. If you’re only on board for two to three sailing days, booking an inside cabin is practical as you will be spending most of your time exploring the ship. You don’t need the natural light and views from inside the cabin, as you will likely only be using it to sleep in.

However, if you will be on a cruise holiday for a longer stretch, you may want to make the most of it by booking a cabin with a balcony or veranda. You can use the open alcove to enjoy your cup of morning coffee or watch the sun dip into infinity. Ships also have suites which include bathtubs, sitting areas and even butler service. While these types of rooms tend to be more expensive, they’ll make your holiday experience much more memorable and comfortable.

How sensitive am I to noise?

Man covering his earsAfter a long day filled with exciting activities, you’ll want a relaxing environment where you can recharge your batteries. If you want a good night’s sleep, there are certain areas of the ship you’d want to avoid. For instance, don’t book a cabin that’s close to the engine room, where heavy machinery such as air compressor equipment can cause loud noises.

It is also advisable to stay as far away as possible from the crew’s quarters, as they work around the clock. That means there will be doors opening and closing, foot traffic and conversation among the crew members. You should also check the deck plan to ensure the cabin you choose isn’t directly underneath a night club, a sports court, a pool or 24-hour dining venues.

Which parts of the ship will I visit the most?

It’s important to ask yourself which facilities you’ll use most often. Will you be lazing around the pool deck every day? Or perhaps you plan on going to the club every night? Estimate the distance from these places to your cabin so that you won’t have to walk around the entire ship all the time. While it’s fun to explore the amenities on board, it can be a hassle when you forget something like your phone at the cabin, and you have to go back to the other side of the ship just to get it.

Now that you’ve asked yourself the vital questions before choosing a cabin, take note of these reminders from Smart Traveller before going on the actual cruise. With the perfect cabin and valuable information for your trip, you’ll be all set for smooth sailing.

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