How to Turn Your Home into a Kitty Wonderland

Pets have always been common members of different households across the world. Countless people care for various animals and share their lives with them.

Cats (and kittens) are no exception. The fact that they’re small and furry, cute, and lovable might play a big role in it. But this is not the only reason why your home should be filled with cats. They make great company, are extremely lively, and love playing around everywhere.

Turn your home into a kitty wonderland with these three simple steps.

Add Catios

Give your cat(s) the freedom to roam in the outdoors! Even if you need to leave them alone for extended periods of time (such as during work), they’ll have a fun place right outside to lounge around in.

Most catios (or cat patios) are attached to the home itself and can be enclosed with a screen or mesh, keeping your cats from wandering away. If you want to give them more space, you may add a glass enclosure around your patio, ensuring they never get out of your home but still get the sunshine that they need.

Adding catios to the exterior of your home is an easy way to keep them happier and healthier!

Prevent Clutter

No matter how much you try to keep things clean, there will always be a mess here and there throughout your house. When you have a cat(s), this problem multiplies tenfold. Before long, every room becomes covered in layers of fur and there’s no end in sight.

To prevent this from happening, provide an area for them where they can play safely. You can opt for a few cat toys or just let them loose in the living room. This way, you won’t have to worry about your expensive items being destroyed by sharp claws and teeth.

Let them play until they get tired and then repeat it once more when they wake up!

A clean home is a happy home. Make sure to take care of your messes efficiently.

Install Cat Towers and Ledges


Cats love to climb and explore. You’ll be happy to know that cat towers and ledges are easy enough for your feline friends to climb up on their own. These items come in various shapes, but most often they’re vertical bridges that you can place anywhere around the house.

First, let them get accustomed to seeing it around (it might even take a few weeks) before you put it in an area where they can climb up.

After that, just let them play around whenever they want! They’ll stay active and spend less time on your furniture or bed (which means more room for human use).

Be Careful with Indoor Plants!

Your kitty may love the great outdoors, but not all of it is good for their health. Some plants and vegetation can be poisonous to cats if they ingest them, so make sure you keep them away from these indoor cat trees and cat towers.

Using different types of plants inside your home is a fun way to jazz up the place. However, it’s best not to use any of the following plants around your kitty: Aloe Vera, Mayapple, Sago Palm, Yew.

Choose Pet-Appropriate Furnishings

Cats love to claw and bite things, otherwise known as a “cat’s way of marking their territory.” So try to buy furniture that won’t be easily destroyed by cat claws.

Materials such as wicker, smooth-finished wood, and sisal are ideal options. If you want something more rugged that’s also durable against cat teeth, consider purchasing an upholstered claw-proof piece of furniture. Stay away from velvet, cotton, silk, or any other fabric that’s easy to shred apart and will collect cat fur. The key is to stay away from delicate fabrics.

It’s also important to invest in pet-friendly items that are easy to clean. These include upholstered chairs and couches with removable covers, vertical blinds with horizontal slats (instead of the typical miniblinds), hardwood flooring, and so on.

For fur maintenance, give your furry friend a rub down with a soft towel every few days. This will remove any loose bits of fur, so they don’t get caught in the carpet or other fabric surfaces.

You’ll have the happiest cats on the block if you keep their happiness in mind when redecorating your home! They’ll love exploring new areas and using them to play around for hours on end.

Having a cat(s) is wonderful, and they’re sure to bring joy into your life. If you want to keep them away from possible dangers while also keeping yourself happy at home, follow these three simple steps and turn your home into a kitty wonderland!


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