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Want to Try Something New? Binge-watch “The Try Guys”

With more than seven million subscribers and 1.2 billion views and counting on their channel, The Try Guys have found the right formula for YouTube success. They don’t do much except they try—they try a bunch of things with zero fear to fail. They don’t care if they look ridiculous putting on cringey Halloween costumes, create inedible food when baking without a recipe, or even get hurt while trying labor pain simulators.

Of course, that’s their brand. Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang are four friends who created a YouTube channel to produce videos where they try just about anything. You probably have seen them in Buzzfeed videos before. They were the stars of a series called “Try Guys.” But in 2018, these four guys decided to leave Buzzfeed to build their own company and channel. Their goal is to create more videos with the same brand of humor but this time with more creative freedom.

If you’ve just recently discovered The Try Guys, you’re in for a hilarious treat. As you spend more days at home facing the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic, binge-watch the videos of The Try Guys. You can start with the following clips or episodes:

“Why We Started a Company”

In this video, you will learn more about their stories of struggle, anxiety, and, eventually, success as they decided to leave Buzzfeed. This video will give you a peek at their deepest motivations as producers. They share the perspective that there’s so much growth in failure; by merely trying and failing and being open to new experiences can make anyone a better person.

“The Try Guys Try 14 Hours of Labor Pain Simulation”

Unlike other men, The Try Guys aren’t afraid to explore motherhood and any experiences women go through. As Ned prepared to welcome his first baby with his wife, Ariel Fulmer, he tried a labor pain simulator. After 14 hours of terrible pain, Ned, along with the rest of The Try Guys, gained a newfound respect for mothers. You can also check out “The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions,” “The Try Guys Wear Women’s Pants,” and “The Try Guys Wear Corsets for 72 Hours,” which all show that these four guys have no toxic masculinity at all.

“Without a Recipe” Series

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Before doing a DIY dishwasher repair or air duct cleaning, most men would look at how-tos and tips online. But again, The Try Guys aren’t like most men. They would carry out technical processes even with minimal or no instructions at all. That’s what they exactly do in their “Without a Recipe” series.

Baking is a precise, technical way of cooking. However, Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach don’t back down to the challenge of baking cakes, cookies, and bagels without a recipe. Watch the series to see Ned relies on his chemistry knowledge (he worked in a chem lab after graduating from Yale) or Eugene pours different types of beer on his cake batter. Keith, on the other hand, tries his best to win, even using his father’s favorite ingredient as inspiration, while Zach approaches baking like a kid on a sugar rush.

“Try Guys: Game Time”

Try Guys: Game Time is a series of fun videos where the four guys hang out, play games, and tell stories. They don’t try anything in these videos except being more open to each other and the audience—all while being hilarious. If you want a peek at their lives outside The Try Guys, this laidback series is for you.

YouTube is full of various content and channels. What makes The Try Guys stand out is their fearless approach to life, capitalizing on every failure to give some laughs, reshape perspectives, and inspire people.

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