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Water Storage Maintenance Works You Shouldn’t Do On Your Own

Conducting maintenance checks on water storage tanks is central to having a constant supply of clean water in your property. But whilst you may opt to go the DIY (do it yourself) route to save some cash, remember that not all maintenance practices can be done without proper knowledge, training and experience.

Unless you have the expertise, suggests that you refrain from doing any of these on your own:

Maintaining electrical mechanisms

Storage tanks that use domestic wells as the source of water have a control device to regulate the level of water. They do so by automatically turning on and off the pump when water falls below or reaches a prescribed level, respectively. The micro switches on the inside of the plastic housings make this possible. When these switches fail, your storage tank will either overflow or run dry since they cannot communicate with the water pump.

Whenever you notice these changes, you do not replace these electrical mechanisms by yourself. Instead, contact your supplier immediately so they can send a water tank maintenance specialist to fix the problem.

Checking access hatches

Typically, manufacturers create tank openings to facilitate inspection by providing quick access to the control devices that indicate and regulate the level of water in the tank, as well as a clear view of the sediment that could have accumulated. When these access hatches break down, it makes the inspection process difficult.

Trying to troubleshoot these access hatches on your own can be extremely dangerous. They are usually too high on large aboveground tanks that you may fall off or into the tank. They may also be sealed with many bolts on underground water tanks, and tampering with the hatches will make the seals lose and let air in.

Whilst it is important to check your water tank regularly, there are some maintenance practices that you should not do on your own. Allow an experienced provider of water tank maintenance services to handle such problems in the safest way possible.

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